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As California Phases Out SATs, What Should Schools Test Next?

The standardized testing purge continues, with school districts and universities in California, Colorado, Texas, and more, distancing themselves further from the weight of standardized testing metrics during the K-12 pipeline as well as during the college admissions process. The University of California system, for example, has put a definite end to SAT or ACT […]

Maneuvering the Maze of ESSER Federal Funds

2020 and 2021 have been the years of federal funding initiatives; COVID’s crunch of practically every industry have left schools, retailers, manufacturers, hoteliers and more, grasping at straws to find the capital needed to rebuild momentum and fund necessary resources for success. In education specifically, the ARP ESSER fund, for example, has set aside […]

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Should AV Marketers Treat Content Creators as Prosumers or Professionals?

Key Points: 40% of people worldwide identify as content creators according to Shure and Futuresource. 40 million people are creating audio-only content like podcasts or music. Creators are looking for the right gear at the right price to support their growing passions; 65% expect to spend more time on their content in the next […]

How Anthony Bourdain Helped a Banker Shift to a Hospitality Entrepreneur

In 2012, with a successful, 16-year career in banking under her belt, Uno Immanivong— who always had a dream of nourishing people with food — auditioned for “The Taste,” a reality cooking show. Anthony Bourdain, one of its stars, chose Uno to mentor on his team, she competed in four episodes — a life-changing […]

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SCN’s Top Systems Integrators 2022: What Does the List Tell Us About the Market?

SCN’s Top Systems Integrators 2022 has published its latest edition. The ProAV industry had to rapidly adjust throughout the covid-19 pandemic and for some, it’s starting to pay off. In Systems Contractor News’ recently published Top 50 list, a new company took the top as a reshuffling occurred across the menu. Some brands posted strong […]

How One Company Innovated to Keep Healthcare Workers Safe

When the COVID-19 pandemic reached the United States, one of the first warning signs that medical facilities weren’t prepared for the effects of the virus was the lack of personal protective equipment available to frontline healthcare workers. Manufacturers have risen to meet this challenge and innovated beyond what we had seen before. One manufacturer, Bullard, […]

How North Dakota is Emerging as a UAV Force

When it comes to the world of drones, it is often the smaller states that are making the largest waves. North Dakota has established itself as a top tier market for the research of UAV technology. For UAV research to be useful across the board, the technology needs wide open spaces and lawmakers willing to […]

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Why Do Sales Professionals Need an Industry-Specific CRM

If you’re a sales professional trying to maneuver today’s omnichannel landscape, having the right CRM tool is critical. Other industries like food delivery and healthcare, in response to the pandemic’s acceleration of their digital transformations, have found that blanketed softwares & solutions won’t always cut it to meet increased demand. Why would a florist need […]