Microbes at Work

Welcome to Microbes at Work, a podcast from JGL Solutions and your one-stop-shop to learn everything you need to know about microorganisms in the oil field. You'll hear about the fundamentals and benefits of our process from people in the field and in the office as we lead the way for microbial solutions.


Cracking Paraffin Chains

On this episode of Microbes At Work, host Tyler Kern talked with Bill Lantz, CEO at JGL Solutions. The duo dug into cracking paraffin chains and how JGL works to prevent these chains from causing issues in the oil well. “Long-chain hydrocarbons are usually considered paraffin in the oil field,” Lantz said. “Paraffin is…

Partner Highlight: Steven Toups and Cleargistix

On this episode of Microbes At Work by JGL Solutions, we’re introducing you to Cleargistix, an excellent partner of JGL Solutions whose mission is to transform the oil and gas industry. Cleargistix and JGL Solutions share the same goal of providing innovative, sustainable and effective solutions to oil and gas organizations. Host Tyler Kern talked…

Why Microbes Can Be the Best Solution for Waterfloods, Saltwater Disposals and More

Bill Lantz worked for decades in the oil fields working with microbes. He saw just about every issue that can crop up, with companies often turning to chemicals to try and deal with waterflood, saltwater disposals, paraffin and more. Lantz founded JGL Solutions in 2006 after gaining experience utilizing a better solution – microbes….