Next Level Commerce


Managing Fraud Risk During the eCommerce Boom

    On this episode of Next Level Commerce, a FreedomPay podcast, Forter CMO Angela Whiteford joined host Daniel Litwin to explore how retailers everywhere are working to address growing security concerns cropping up in the wake of a COVID-driven eCommerce explosion. Because so many consumers are looking to interact with brands and make purchases […]

Next Level Commerce: What FreedomPay Can Offer Through Business Intelligence

    As more and more payments are facilitated online through various payment channels, companies are looking for a centralized payment gateway and a richer customer experience. David Knowlton from FreedomPay joins host Lukas Cox to talk about what he and FreedomPay can offer that their competitors cannot. Knowlton has been in FinTech for over […]

The Rapid & Changing World of Commerce Platforms as a Service

The world of commerce platforms now expands beyond transactional payments—information is king! Host Tyler Kern and Barry Stearn, director of partner success for Europe’s division of FreedomPay, discussed emerging payment trends, and how this fast-evolving landscape is becoming more complex. “Payments has become really an information business,” said Stearn. “Yes, there is a transactional exchange, […]

Maneuvering the Digital Marketing Pitfalls of 2019

  In the digital age, advertising and marketing has pulled away from TV and embraced more experiential and cross-platform content. As consumer media habits change, advertising and marketing methods must adapt, and with today’s 24/7 content expectations, the end result has to reach the consumer authentically and at all times. Cedric Lourie, Director of Digital […]