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Nokia Today: A Peek into the Future of 6G

First, it was 3G, then 4G, now 5G, and now — you guessed it! — around 2030, the world will see the launch of 6G. Nokia Today Host Tyler Kern spoke with Grace Koh, vice president of legislative affairs at Nokia, and Devaki Chandramouli, Next G Alliance (NGA) Steering Group co-chair. Technology leaders will […]

Digital Transformation Strategies in the Age of COVID: Nokia Today

“A lot of companies tell us their strategy is fragmented, and we really saw that when COVID started,” Shaw said. “They just didn’t have a plan, or they had a plan that was more visionary.” Digital transformation in the workplace can be complicated, however, it is necessary, as digital ecosystems will account for more […]

The Importance of Digitization in a Post-COVID World

America’s network landscape is quickly evolving thanks to new technologies like 5G. It is redefining the way we do business, learn and connect with each other. But we’re not there yet. A lot needs to happen, from the budget to build to the software to connect and the spectrum to support all use cases. […]

Can Private Networks Pave the Way for Powerful Industry 4.0 Automation?

What is private wireless, how does it works, and how does it differ from other solutions? Is it ready to pave the way for an even more expansive 5G rollout? You’ve come to the right place for answers. On this episode of Nokia Today, host Tyler Kern was joined by Shawn Sparling, Head of […]

Nokia Today: What Is Open RAN, and Why Is It Important?

5G is here, and its potential uses are staggering. From the medical field to the transportation industry, it has major implications for the way we currently live, work and play. While it’s critical that 5G is developed in the right way, it’s not the only technology changing the connectivity landscape. That’s where Open RAN […]

Nokia Today: Why America’s 5G Infrastructure Must Be Built to Close the Digital Divide

5G is an exciting technology that could change the way we do things as a country. Sen. Marsha Blackburn of Tennessee is passionate about the new technology and making sure it’s accessible to all Americans. “This is one of my favorite topics to talk about. How do we get technology into every corner of the […]

Nokia Today: Empowering Veterans to Join the Teams Powering the 5G Rollout

The continued rollout of robust 5G networks across the United States comes with a major challenge – finding the labor force to make the critical buildout of those networks possible. However, SAC Wireless a wholly owned, independently operated Nokia company, and Nokia have teamed up to help craft a solution. The companies have worked with […]

Nokia Today: 5G Networks Are Worthy of the Hype

There is always a bit of hype surrounding the deployment of each new wireless generation. There certainly was with 3G and 4G. But did these upgrades deliver on expectations? Many people might say the results did not live up to the hype. So, what are we to expect with 5G, which is starting to unveil […]

Nokia Today: The Current State of US Policy on 5G

Brian Hendricks, Vice President of Policy and Government Relations for Nokia joined Marianne Strobel, Head of Customer Marketing and Communications, North America, for Nokia to discuss the current state of US 5G policy. Hendricks said the US is making every effort to ensure the rapid deployment of 5G networks as the worldwide race to deploy […]

Nokia Today: How Congress is Working to Close the Digital Divide

US Congressman Bill Johnson, from Ohio’s 6th District, serves the needs of many rural communities in the state and knows the struggles and pain. “One of the biggest issues we’ve got is access to broadband,” Johnson said. “Businesses are being hurt because they can’t access the internet from home. Kids with distance learning can’t […]

How to Avoid Falling into Coronavirus-Related Cybersecurity Traps: Nokia Today

Double-check that link you just got sent to join that work meeting or enjoy a virtual happy hour with your friends. Cyberattacks are adapting to the COVID-19 pandemic, with a number of schemes looking to defraud and steal information from users, according to two of Nokia’s top security experts. Mary O’Neill, Vice President of […]

Nokia Today: Nokia Bell Labs 5G Certification Program

Nokia Bell Labs is the world-renowned, Nobel Prize-winning industrial research arm of Nokia. Marianne Strobel, Head of North America Customer Marketing and Communications at Nokia walked host Tyler Kern through Nokia Bell Labs’ 5G Certification Program. Throughout its 90-year history, Nokia Bell Labs has distinguished itself in the technology communications field through its multiple […]