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Nut News: The Changing Dynamics and Trends in The Almond Industry

  Alan Burwell, VP of Marketing and Innovation, Select Harvest USA, stopped by this episode of Nut News to provide his thoughts on the changes happening in consumer behavior regarding almonds and the innovations driving the industry as a whole. Almond production has risen over the past 10 to 15 years, and Burwell sees a […]

Nut News: At 2018 Crop Year-End, Prices Are on the Rise

  Nut News: At 2018 Crop Year-End, Prices Are on the Rise With global demand for almonds strong, prices are on the rise as 2018’s crop year, which just ended July 31, saw record high numbers shipped out and record low numbers of carryout inventory. On today’s episode of Nut News, Bob Nunes, CEO for […]

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Nut News: The Short Term Looks Positive for Almonds after April 2019 Almond Position Report

  On this episode of Nut News with host Tyler Kern, Bob Nunes, CEO of Select Harvest USA, revealed good news for April 2019 almond shipments after the release of the month’s Almond Position Report. Almonds set a new record high this month with 177 million pounds shipped, a 0.3 percent increase over the prior […]

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Nut News: The March 2019 Almond Position Report with Select Harvest USA

  While almond shipments in March 2019 did not top the record shipping month seen at the same time last year, Select Harvest USA CEO Bob Nunes says shipping and sales for almonds are healthy this month. He attributes this to strong demand from an Indian holiday and steadying European prices. On Nut News, Nunes […]

Nut News: The Almond Harvest in a Nutshell with Bob Nunes of Select Harvest USA

  Five billion. That is how many almonds were estimated by the National Agriculture Service to be in last year’s harvest, but the number was actually more like 2.7 billion. This year, with 1.3 million acres of almonds planted, it’s a waiting game to see what the yield will be. On today’s episode of Nut […]