On Deck with Circuit Check

Welcome to On Deck with Circuit Check. For over 40 years Circuit Check has been a leading-edge provider of custom-engineered test solutions for the electronics industry, identifying and innovating new technologies and processes to with the ever-changing test requirements. Join us as we share our expertise and thought-leadership across a wide range of industries.


Key Considerations for In-Circuit Test Fixtures

In-circuit testing, which provides electronic manufacturers a reliable, high-fault coverage verification method for the assembly process, has been around for a long time – but recent innovations have opened exciting new paths forward in ICT solutions. So, why is ICT so useful? Do turnkey projects exist, and what are some best practices for approaching an […]

On Deck with Circuit Check: The Anatomy of a Successful Test System Engineering Project

The testing process is critical in manufacturing, but not all are created equal. Taking a deep dive into test system engineering (TSE), On Deck with Circuit Check spoke to Paul Attwell. Attwell is a Customer Application Specialist at Circuit Check and has over two decades of experience in the field. Manufacturers use a variety of […]

On Deck with Circuit Check: Navigating the Transition from VTEP to NanoVTEP

As devices have become smaller and smaller, the current VTEP testing technology typically used to test circuit boards has become insufficient to handle the needs of test fixture integrators and their end users. To remedy this issue, Circuit Check partner Keysight has developed a new technology, NanoVTEP, which offers integrators more robust analysis with a […]