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How the Project Manager Role has Changed

The modern project manager has changed in recent years as new variables have been introduced, and the world has been in flux. Like many roles, day-to-day schedules have become more hybrid and a project manager has to fill the gap because “You can’t rely on everyone hearing through the grapevine at the office anymore,” said […]

How Modular Conveyor Systems Help Alleviate Supply Chain Challenges

How Modular Conveyor Systems Help Alleviate Supply Chain Challenges

Modular is having a moment and the motivations are clear. Modular is easy to assemble, adaptable and avoids supply chain disruptions. Now, Designed Conveyer Systems offers a modular conveyor system option. Host Tyler Kern spoke with Designed Conveyor System’s Todd Jones, VP of Project Delivery, and Meg Culler Smith, CP of Engineering on the topic […]

Veterans Transitioning to Project Management and MHI Roles

  Veterans retire with a variety of skills under their belt. These skills form a natural path from the military into the civilian workforce, particularly translating to project management. To talk about this overlap, DJ Hughes, a current armed forces reserve officer with twenty years of active-duty service under his belt, talks to host Tyler […]

Resolving Conflict On Site

Resolving Conflict On Site

  Conflict will inevitably happen at a jobsite. However, it is not about avoiding conflict but figuring out how to handle the conflict. Brian Niccum is the director of site management at Designed Conveyor Systems (DCS). Niccum provides insight for conflicts that can arise on sites and how to deal with them properly and professionally […]

The Convergence of Value and Technology in Supply Chain Logistics

The Convergence of Value and Technology in Supply Chain Logistics

Technology is integral to staying relevant in modern supply chain logistics, especially in markets that are always on the move and projected to evolve. A Licensed engineer and Designed Conveyor Systems’ President, Matt Ferguson, has witnessed this critical phenomenon firsthand.  Throughout his career, he’s observed how – when properly implemented and progress is identified – […]

Maximizing the Tradeshow Experience for Both Exhibitors & Attendees

Maximizing the Trade Show Experience for Both Exhibitors & Attendees

  Trade shows are back, and after virtual environments and solutions showed people the various ways they can engage with their industries, colleagues and communities, it’s as important as ever to ensure a premium experience for attendees. But what about the vendors exhibiting the show? Experience isn’t a one-way street for just “end users;” the […]

Finding Solutions to Equipment Supply Chain Issues

Finding Solutions Around the Equipment Supply Chain Issues

Tyler Kern was joined by John Knudsen, Project Director, Designed Conveyor Systems, to discuss equipment lead times. Global supply chains have struggled with many challenges throughout the pandemic including fluctuating  lead times throughout the industry. Knudsen shared various challenges that the industry faces highlighting sourcing material, extended lead times, labor, resources, and transportation to sites […]

The Keys for Maintaining System Uptime in Material Handling

The Keys for Maintaining System Uptime in Material Handling

In this episode of On Time In Full, Tyler Kern spoke with Matt Greene, Vice President of Life Cycle at Designed Conveyor Systems. Greene oversees the company’s 24/7 client support program; operations and maintenance training; spares and warranty customer service, and various lifecycle projects including expansions and retrofits. Greene discussed various best practices in maintaining […]

Supply Chain Strategy

  Supply chains have been a key topic of conversation over the last few years. As huge disruptions occurred, it became a focus in the news and content all around the world. Companies will need new, adaptable strategies when determining future business processes. Discussing best practices for those, “On Time in Full” Host Tyler Kern […]

Opportunities in the Material Handling Industry

Tyler Kern welcomed Satyen Pathak, an Account Executive at Designed Conveyer Systems (DCS), and they discussed the opportunities that exist within the material handling industry. Pathak started as an installer of letter-sorting machines, eventually moving to technical support and research in customer service and ultimately rising to his current job at DCS. Pathak is thankful […]