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Orange Intelligenz: What Is Robotics Accuracy?

The world of robotics is exciting, with new applications emerging. One critical factor in robotic applications is accuracy, which can be misinterpreted in the field. To dive into the topic, host Tyler Kern welcomed KUKA Robotics Senior Staff Engineer Houssaine Waled. Kicking off the conversation, Waled defined robotic accuracy. “It’s the ability of a […]

Orange Intelligenz: Why Mobile Robotics Is An Exciting Field

Denise Ebenhoech is naturally curious. That’s not unique in the automation community, but the Regional Head of Advanced Robotic Applications at KUKA Robotics has explored plenty of different avenues of robotics in her career. Right now, though, she’s focused in on one project: Mobile robots. “I find it really exciting. If you look at […]

Orange Intelligenz: The Benefits of RoboSpin for Aluminum Welding

Oxidation buildup is one of the challenges faced when trying to spot weld aluminum. Even when creating a good weld, oxidation can build up on the weld tips. “Buildup of oxidation causes inconsistencies in the welds,” Andre Young said. Young is a Business Development Manager for Automotive OEM and Tier 1 at KUKA Robotics. […]

Orange Intelligenz: Robotics in the World of Medicine

Corey Ryan, Director of Medical Robotics for KUKA Robotics, joined Orange Intelligenz to discuss the evolution and current advancements of robotics in the medical industry. KUKA’s LBR Med, for example, is a collaborative robot for medical applications ideally suited for a wide range of assistance systems in medical technology. “A growing acceptance of robots […]

Orange Intelligenz: How KUKA Robotics Works Together to Set Up Partners for Success

Robots always have seemed like something far off in the future, but advances in automation technology have put automation and robotics within reach of nearly any business. The pace at which that technology is changing has made automation at scale a much more affordable proposition and much for a user to get under their […]

Orange Intelligenz: The Evolution and Adoption of Collaborative Robots

Collaborative robotics and the use cases for these kinds of robotic solutions have exploded over the past five years, with those at the cutting edge of the robotics industry innovating ways to leverage the technology in day-to-day operations across a variety of industries. To examine this industry trend, KUKA Robotics Director of Medical Robotics […]

Orange Intelligenz: The State of the Union for Robotics

On this episode of Orange Intelligenz, a KUKA Robotics podcast, KUKA Robotics Senior VP of Sales and Marketing, North America Simon Whitton joined host Tyler Kern to deliver the State of the Robotics Union. Whitton, who boasts over 35 years of experience in the robotics industry, is uniquely positioned to talk about the industry […]