Owning the Future of Healthcare


Owning the Future of Healthcare: A Strong Data Foundation Powers Product Development

  “We’re a patient-centric company that wants to empower organizations to cultivate data for the best outcomes.” Healthcare data is a valuable asset, but its collection, aggregation, and analysis are neither easy or simple. However, it’s the foundation for products that companies like Health Catalyst develop. Discussing the product and data perspective, the company’s first […]

Managing Finances in a Transforming Market

What are the best strategies for healthcare financial management in an industry that’s been transformed by the COVID-19 pandemic? On this episode of Owning the Future of Healthcare, host Daniel Litwin welcomed Dan Unger, Senior Vice President and General Manager for the Financial Transformation Business of Health Catalyst, for an insightful discussion about implementing and […]

How Can Healthcare Digitize and Democratize Its Data?

Data-informed healthcare is becoming more important to the global healthcare market. Where and how is the data being collected? How does data collection differ across markets? What is Health Catalyst doing to advance the vision of data-driven care? For answers and insights into these topics and questions, Jeff Selander, Senior Vice President and General Manager […]

Will AI Improve Healthcare in an Ethical Way?

There are a lot of challenging aspects of incorporating artificial intelligence into healthcare. In the first part of this two-part series on AI in healthcare, Dr. Jason Jones, Chief Analytics and Data Science Officer at HealthCatalyst, talked with host Daniel Litwin. On this episode of Owning The Future Of Healthcare, a podcast from HealthCatalyst, your […]

Data and Digitization Will Drive the Future of Healthcare

The last year brought a variety of changes to the healthcare and life sciences that are accelerating the pace of innovation. Health Catalyst host Daniel Litwin was joined by Sadiqa Mahmood, Senior Vice President and General Manager of the Life Sciences business at Health Catalyst, to delve into these changes, exciting innovations and the emerging […]

How AI and Data Can Streamline Healthcare

Diving into the subject of AI and healthcare, Owning the Future of Healthcare host Daniel Litwin spoke with expert Dr. Jason Jones, Chief Analytic and Data Science Officer at Health Catalyst. There’s a lot to unpack around current applications and the future. First, Dr. Jones wanted to clarify that AI, in this case, is augmented […]