Remote Possibilities

The world is becoming increasingly reliant on remote solutions that help us connect, engage and learn. On Remote Possibilities, host Kevin Hogan will explore the latest trends and hear from experts in education technology to find out how they're keeping pace.


Teaching the Arts from a Distance

Moosiko is an online, adaptive guitar learning platform for K12 schools designed to boost student engagement and make assessment easier for teachers. With over 220 modern, fun songs, Moosiko allows students to choose their own learning path and progress at their own pace. Their skills tracking, practice time visibility, and recording features provide data […]

Real-Time Remote Learning for Doctors

Medical professionals have never been busier. At the same time, it has never been so important for them to take time to learn about the ever-evolving pandemic and the medical community’s response to it. In this episode, Mary Ellen Beliveau, Founder and CEO of Knowledge to Practice (K2P) discusses professional learning in the healthcare […]

Virtual Conferencing Becomes Solid State

While video may have killed the radio star last century, it is about to give birth to several new remote learning techniques, according to Jeff Rubenstein, VP of Product Strategy, for Kaltura. In this episode, Jeff talks about the immediate steps the video platform provider took to help its higher ed customers shift as […]

Connectivity is Key for the Future of Education

What used to be a relative luxury for administrators, data has become critical in the age of hybrid and remote learning says Jena Draper, Founder and Evangelist for CatchOn. In this episode, Jena breaks down how educators can crunch the numbers to enhance learning experiences that should be maintained even after this madness has […]

How Data Helps the Whole Student

Hardeep Gulati knows the numbers. PowerSchool’s customer base of more than 45 million students in over 80 countries now includes Hoonuit’s 14.5 million students, making his company the largest U.S. provider of K-12 education technology solutions. In this episode, Hardeep talks about how the right analytics and data management techniques can help solve the […]

Turning Learning Loss Into Gains

Maybe it’s not as bad as we thought. Stuart Udell, CEO of Achieve3000 has been tracking the rumored “learning loss” data since spring, and while the situation is by no means good, there are hopeful data points. In this episode, Stuart shares some results from the company’s upcoming report. He also highlights how remote technologies […]

How to Make Virtual Learning Real

Angela Maiers has been into social-emotional learning since before it was cool. From the start of the pandemic, the author, speaker, consultant, and founder of the Choose2matter initiative has been devising new and innovative ways to make these remote tools and platforms more humane. In this episode, Angela shares those ideas for the betterment of […]

Mapping and Understanding Student Behavior Through Data

Where many people see problems, Brian Thomas sees progress. In this episode, the President and CEO of Lightspeed Systems talks about the efforts of the edTech industry to address the new realities of remote education and how schools will not only survive this crisis but thrive in its wake. Headquartered in Austin, Texas (with […]

The New Priorities of K-12 Education

For Thomas Murray, every conversation is a balancing act. As the Director of Innovation for Future Ready Schools, a project of the Alliance for Excellent Education, located in Washington, D.C., he strives to promote big picture changes when it comes to things like student equity and educating the whole child while realizing the incredible struggles […]

How Remote Learning Tech Can Cure Today’s Mental Health Crisis

Collin Ernst, CEO of Learnwell, wants you to forget about the COVID slide, or digital equity, or personalized learning—for a minute anyway. In this episode, Collin makes the case that none of these issues can be solved without first addressing the mental health needs of not only students but faculty and families as well. […]

Digital Equity is the Right to Learn

Embrace the controversy. That’s the plan David Bobb, President of the Bill of Rights Institute, takes in this episode. From the death of the textbook to the systematic failure of higher education to the circus that is this election season, David decidedly goes there. David joined the Bill of Rights Institute as president in 2013 […]

How Do Teachers Maintain Student Relationships via Zoom?

Before they help the students, teachers have to help themselves. That is just one of the many insightful points Alia Jackson, President of 321insight presses on this episode. Social Emotional Learning, once maybe an afterthought before the pandemic, is now first and foremost in the minds of educators. Alia breaks down how to do it. […]

How Upskilling Certification Can Become the New Standard

Kseniya Mikheeva was leading online development courses before it was cool. Now that the pandemic has thrust the rest of the world into this mass beta-test of remote learning and working, her digital marketing platform is surging. In this episode, Kseniya talks about the positives of upskilling through SEMRush Academy and how certification can […]

How to Battle Learning Loss

According to Dr. Shawn Mahoney, Chief Product Officer and Chief Learning Officer at Illuminate Education, there doesn’t need to be “learning loss” during this crisis. In fact, discussion should focus on learning acceleration. In this episode, she talks about the adjustments her company has made to support schools during this traumatic process and what […]

Personalized Learning Has Arrived

First things first. Jean Sharp, Chief Academic Officer for Apex Learning believes that in order to stop the continuing crisis of learning loss due to the pandemic, schools and providers must first attend to the social and emotional needs of students. In this episode of Remote Possibilities, Jean provides insights on how to accomplish […]

How a Tech Giant is Creating New Opportunities in Education

Tired of talking about it? So is Mike Belcher, Director EdTech Innovation at HP. And while in this episode we couldn’t get around particulars of the pandemic and the effect it has made on both higher ed and k-12, Mike also shares some of the many positives that are emerging from this crisis—from new […]

RIP SAT. Hello micro-credentials!

If ever there was a time to change the way we assess, Megan Harney and Patrick Leonard believe it is now. In fact, the CEO and COO of MIDAS Education have already started. In this provocative episode, the pair describe how some districts and universities are transitioning away from traditional testing and discuss how […]

3 Crucial Educational Developments of 2020

As the pandemic continues to reshape education, new trends are emerging in the way we teach and learn. For the past five months, Remote Possibilities host Kevin Hogan has interviewed dozens of edtech executives on how their companies pivoted to respond to the crisis and attempted to find some silver linings from the cataclysm. Three […]

57% of Students Want More Online Tools When In Person Classes Resume

Daniel Tu-Hoa, SVP of Mathspace North America, has a good point. While everyone keeps talking about students in their worry about COVID slide and remote learning, no one is talking to them about it. In this episode, Daniel walks through the data his company gathered from their customers and how it may help propel […]

Don’t Toss That Tech!

While not exactly on the front lines, CEO Garry VonMyhr and his team at Tech Defenders, a Grand Rapids, Michigan-based information technology asset disposition (ITAD) and electronics recycling and repair company, have certainly become an essential service for schools. In this episode of Remote Possibilities, Garry discusses the surge in need for devices and […]

Why Social Emotional Learning Is Important Right Now

For Robin Glenn, CEO and Founder of BASE Education, 2020 is the year she has been training for her whole career. An accomplished therapist with over 18 years experience in working with at-risk teens, she finds her company in a position to help everyone—students, teachers, parents—with social emotional support in the course of learning. […]

A Technology Shortage is Affecting Back to School Plans

Marc Netka doesn’t mince his words. As CEO and Founder of STS Education, he is working through the current worldwide laptop shortage crisis but is not happy about it. In this episode of Remote Possibilities, Marc reports on price gouging, false promises, and other unethical practices he is witnessing, advises districts on how […]

Time For EdTech To Deliver

For Erez Pikar, CEO of Trox, these weeks of back-to-school chaos may ultimately prove to be the solution to truly integrating technology into schools, and at home, in a meaningful and productive way. In this episode, Erez finds silver linings to digital equity, professional development, and more. For more than 30 years, the Trox […]

New Tools for Student Creation

Nefertiti Dukes’ enthusiasm is contagious. As the Educator Growth Lead at Screencastify, a video creation and editing tool used by 12 million students, she encourages kids to use their screens, not just watch them. In this episode, she talks about how creation tools are more important than ever in a remote learning environment. Prior […]

New Curricula Strategies for Remote Learning

New Curricula Strategies for Remote Learning

Customer support takes on a whole new meaning during a pandemic as Brett Woudenberg and his team discovered on what they remember as Pi Day 2020 (March 14). In this episode, Brett talks about how his company responded to the incredible demand surge and the importance of supporting not only the students, but faculty and […]

How Online Learning Can Actually Work

What is the difference between remote learning and online learning? Carol Ribeiro, President & Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of VHS Learning, can tell you. She has over 20 years of experience in online education management and systems development. In this episode, Carol addresses the big picture issues schools need to contemplate during this mass disruption. […]

Making Sense Out of Madness: Protecting Students Online in a Time of Crisis

Need another negative for this forced migration to remote learning? Students become even more vulnerable to the dangers of what Advait Shinde calls the “modern Internet”. On this episode, the co-founder and CEO of GoGuardian talks about how his company is adjusting its products and services to these new scenarios and offers some hopeful […]

Back-to-What? The New Reality of Hybrid Learning with Jamie Candee of Edmentum

From the history of personalized learning, to the prospect of parental pods, to the role of teacher unions in this new world of hybrid learning, there is seemingly no topic that Jamie Candee is afraid to touch. In this wonderfully candid episode, the President and CEO of the online learning platform Edmentum shares some provocative […]

Putting Testing to the Test with Jeff Elliott of UWorld: Remote Possibilities

If anyone can prognosticate the precarious state of testing and assessing students during COVID-19 and beyond, Jeff Elliott can. As Chief Operating Officer of UWorld, a company used by more than 2 million students from secondary through graduate and professional certification for high-stakes online learning tools, he can see clearly through the chaos. In […]

Making Lemonade from the Pandemic with Berj Akian of Classlink: Remote Possibilities

Berj Akian doesn’t want to hear about going back to normal. As the founder and CEO of Classlink, he has long advocated for the removal of barriers between students and impactful education content. The way he sees it, the pandemic has created new opportunities to improve this dynamic even more. In this episode he […]

Taking Video Conferencing Next Level: Remote Possibilities

Zoom fatigue? It’s a thing. Frank Weishaupt, CEO of OwlLabs, thinks he has an answer. On this episode of Remote Possibilities, he talks about the state of video conferencing in this world of remote working and learning. The pandemic has thrust the technology of video meetings into our faces. Listen how we can escape […]

When it Comes to Career Growth, Upskilling is the New Sheepskin: Remote Possibilities

Even before the pandemic struck, new learning methods through remote technologies were exploding worldwide. Andrew Urodov, product manager at Practicum by Yandex, has tracked this phenomenon and shares his thoughts on where it is headed next in this latest episode of Remote Possibilities. Practicum, which is a virtual training program to help people gain […]

Moving Forward: Remote Possibilities

In a normal world, it would have been one of the biggest edtech stories of 2020. After 14 years, Chief Education Evangelist Jaime Casap has left Google Education. In this exclusive interview with host Kevin Hogan, Jaime discusses his past successes, education’s present priorities, and, most importantly, what’s next. Jaime evangelizes the power and […]

How COVID-19 Could Thin the EdTech Product Herd: Remote Possibilities

If anyone can help divine what happens next for EdTech, Mark Schneiderman can. As the industry’s chief policy advocate for 15 years, his analysis is important for both executives and educators. In this episode, Mark breaks down his recent provocative post, where he provides a 3-point framework for the future: Topics include: The COVID-19 […]

How Parents Are The New Customers In Education: Remote Possibilities

Another edtech monolith about to crumble due to the pandemic, along with standardized testing and taking attendance, is how education software gets bought and used. In this episode of Remote Possibilities, Drops Chief Customer Officer Drew Banks talks about the surge in downloads for the company’s learning language app as the lockdowns began and […]

Why Media Literacy Is A Must: Remote Possibilities

With student screen time at all-time highs and social isolation increasingly affecting kids, the scourge of fake news is a bigger threat than ever. Nick Farrell, co-founder of Bites Media, has some ideas of how to combat it. On this episode of Remote Possibilities, Nick talks about the importance of media literacy and how […]

How to Combat the COVID Slide: Remote Possibilties

In the latest episode of Remote Learning, Dr. Liz Brooke, CCC-SLP, Chief Learning Officer at Lexia Learning, talks about the delicate strategies her company employed when interacting with current and new district customers, the new relationships needed with parents, the power of data to analyze the COVID slide, and ways to improve personalized learning […]

The Need to Support Teachers During COVID: Remote Possibilities

While most of the focus is rightfully focused on students during this uncertain time, Adam Geller, CEO of Edthena, reminds us not to forget about the teachers. He talks with host Kevin Hogan about how his classroom observation platform for using videos as part of professional development is more important than ever. To help educators […]

Time To Go Global: Remote Possibilities

EdTech vendors have been good corporate citizens by offering free resources during this year’s school closures, but eventually they need revenue to keep the doors open. According to industry vendor Michael Spencer, CEO of Global Expansion Strategies, and former Senior Director of International Business Development at K12, the opportunity is ripe to find […]

Safe and Sound: Remote Possibilities

Student safety and security have never been more important during these grim times. The move to remote learning has made life much more difficult for a much larger population of students. Jeff Patterson, Founder and CEO of Gaggle, watched demand for his company’s services surge this spring. On this episode of Remote Possibilities, He […]

Asking the Tough Questions for Education: Remote Possibilities

Elliott Levine is never one to mince words. As Distinguished Technologist and Director of Education of the Americas for HP, he influenced and advocated for innovative uses of tech in schools. Now as Chief Academic Officer for STS, he is confronting the issues of this new reality. In this conversation with host Kevin Hogan, […]

How Teletherapy is Providing Support to Students: Remote Possiblities

Want to hear about an impossible situation that gets even more difficult? Listen to host Kevin Hogan talk to PresenceLearning CEO Kate Eberle Walker to discuss how districts are utilizing teletherapy to deliver special education-related services. The company works with hundreds of school districts across the country and since COVID-19 related school closures, hundreds […]

A Look Into the Future of EdTech

In this episode of Remote Possibilities, Sean Slade, Senior Director of Global Outreach at ASCD, details the best education practices that will now become mainstream as a result of this madness. Topics include: Learning Communities “Our learning communities can be our classrooms, whether they are in person or, as we are now, online. They […]

How Workplace Learning Must Adapt: Remote Possibilities

Not all the news coming out of this madness is bad. Sam Herring, Vice President and General Manager of Intrepid by VitalSource talks about how this current crisis can be a time of resourcefulness and innovation in the workplace learning space. He illustrated these thoughts with how one of largest not‐for‐profit, academic health systems […]

What the Data Says About Learning Loss During COVID: Remote Possibilities

The first data are in regarding learning loss during the pandemic and the results don’t look good. In this episode of Remote Possibilities, Kevin Hogan talks with Stuart Udell, CEO of Achieve3000, and one of the authors of a new study by the Successful Practices Network and the Center for College & Career Readiness, […]

Universal Solutions To A Global Crisis: Remote Possibilities

As a company that serves 4.5 million educators and 45 million students in 140 countries and territories around the world, Discovery Education has been playing a pivotal role in the education industry’s response to the pandemic. In this conversation with Scott Kinney, Discovery’s President of K-12 Education, Remote Possibilities host Kevin Hogan discusses the immediate […]

A Farewell To EdTech? Remote Possibilities

When Din Heiman, SVP of Strategy at Renaissance Learning, first posted his thoughts on the edtech industry’s responsibility to respond to the current education crisis, he expected to spark a conversation. 20,000 LinkedIn views later, his provocative thoughts, plus the contributions from others, have created a blueprint for future remote learning success. Marketscale contributor […]

Remote Possibilities: A New EdTech Podcast

In the premiere episode of Remote Possibilities, host Kevin Hogan talks with Scrum master and remote learning veteran David Prior about, what else, the COVID-19 pandemic and its effect on the business of professional training. Prior discusses the inherent disadvantages and some surprising advantages this incredible disruption has caused and what it might mean […]