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Understanding Marketing’s Critical Role In The Automation Age

  It doesn’t matter how innovative your product is if your potential customers don’t know about it or understand why they should buy it. Johnny Tyler, Marketing and Design Specialist at Arc Specialties, has seen many companies adopt an unambitious marketing strategy – or, worse, not even draw out a strategy at all – rather […]

The Roboticist Chronicles: Robots Aren’t Stealing Your Jobs, They’re Creating Them

  As technology advances at an exponential rate, a common fearful sentiment among Americans is that robots are stealing human jobs. But, this long standing rumor couldn’t be farther from the truth. Robots actually create jobs, save humans from harm, and open up opportunities for new industry growth. The Roboticist Chronicles unpacks how robots are […]

Why Collaboration is King at Fabtech 2019 with Dan Allford

  It takes multiple companies to make robot automation come to life in metal forming, fabricating, welding or finishing. At Fabtech 2019, Dan Allford  of Arc Specialties provided a picture of why collaboration and cooperation between companies in different segments of the industry is so important. “People that come to this show typically come with […]

The Roboticist Chronicles: Talking Tariffs, Subsidies, and Free Market Capitalism

  Tariffs and subsidies are a hot topic at the moment, with global trade affecting the market each day. But who exactly are tariffs hurting and helping? Dan Allford, president and founder of ARC Specialties, delivers his perspective on this episode of The Roboticist Chronicles. Allford, a proponent of a global free market, described how […]

The Roboticist Chronicles: Lockheed’s “Skunk Works” Business Philosophy in Practice

  Every business approaches how they work in a unique way. Each has a philosophy and culture, and each unique approach has its wins; some successful than others. But why? On this episode of The Roboticist Chronicles, we spoke business philosophy with Dan Allford, president of ARC Specialties. ARC Specialties has sound technology, but they […]

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From a Small Garage to Big Success: The Story of Arc Specialties

  From its inception in 1983 to now, ARC Specialties has become a case study in the growth of an American entrepreneurial endeavor. Company President Dan Allford took the business out of a garage and has since turned the automated manufacturing systems provider into an international enterprise. On the first episode of The Roboticist Chronicles, […]

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Should We Tax Robots on the Factory Floor?

  Have you heard of the concept of robot taxation? It’s an idea that pushes for more taxes on companies that use robots over human labor, and supporters have a fierce advocate in their corner: Bill Gates. But does it make sense in the modern world, one in the midst of the fourth industrial revolution […]

Tech, Teamwork & Trade: Collaboration in Intelligent Manufacturing with Dan Allford of ARC Specialties

  As integrated solutions like automation, robotics, and process development become more and more integrated in the manufacturing industry, we decided to sit down with Dan Allford, President of ARC Specialties, to get some insight on his industry and break down just why “manufacturing became cool again.” “One thing that I see that proves my […]