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Nuclear Reactors for Home Use

Nuclear Reactors for Home Use: A Practical Future or Science Fiction?

As concerns over energy sustainability grow in the face of an aging grid, homeowners are increasingly exploring alternative sources of power. One potential source that is gaining traction is the use of small modular reactors (SMRs) – nuclear reactors adapted for home use. A notable development came in the late 2000s with Toshiba’s introduction of…

smart homes

How to Make Smart Homes Guest-Friendly

Smart thermostats, Smart TVs, Smart outlets, Smart security cameras, Smart phone charging stations, and Smart lights are just some of the many Smart Home features those looking to upgrade their homes might consider. But what about when guests come to visit? Those features might be nice for you, but they can leave guests in the…

Smart vacuums

Smart Vacuums: The Perfect Housekeeper for a Smart Home

Smart Homes are getting smarter, and the market size for innovative dwellings could reach $503.1 billion by 2032. That sure is a lot of floors to clean. And in the world of smart homes, technology gets to play housekeeper. Bring on the smart vacuums! Tod Caflisch, Owner of Smart Home on the Range and Lumen…

Smart Home

Is Amazon Sidewalk the Next Step in Smart Home Development?

In episode two of Smart Home on the Range, a podcast devoted to the step-by-step design and construction process of a new smart home and other content, Tod Caflisch walks us through some of the mysteries surrounding Smart Home devices and one of Amazon’s newer technologies, Amazon Sidewalk. Caflisch started his renovation projects about seven…

smart home locks

Is There a Right or Wrong Smart Home Lock?

Home security is nothing to mess with, so picking the right smart home lock is critical. But how will you know which one to choose when there are so many options—full replacement deadbolts, adapters for existing deadbolts, doorknob replacements, and various trigger options such as fingerprints and geofencing? Wait! Back up. Why even consider…