The Last Mile

Industry trends and Segway's vision of the future of transportation.


The Last Mile: E-Mopeds Find the Spotlight in Micro-Mobility

  Moritz Meenen, Co-founder and CEO of ElectricFeel, sat in with host Shelby Skrhak to discuss the latest in shared electric mobility. Meenen’s company is a shared electric mobility software platform based in Europe helping companies launch and scale shared electric mobility vehicles. With Segway’s new launch of their electric moped, it was perfect timing […]

The Last Mile: Pulling Back the Curtain on Skurrt’s Success in Dubai

  Those tuning in from the United States may recall the disjointed and unstructured rollouts that micro-mobility companies like Lime and Bird had in metropolitan areas. On the other side of the world, however, green scooters are having their spot in the limelight right now. To understand what made these companies a success when others […]

The Last Mile: How Micro Mobility Vehicles are Transforming the Way People Move

  Today there are many options for people to move around the city without having to use an automobile. Micro-mobility vehicles are gaining popularity, and not just from everyday pedestrians looking to go from door to door. Segways and e-scooters are used in tourism, paramedics, the industrial world, and law enforcement. Chris Szydlowski, CEO of […]

The Last Mile: How Small Communities Can Capitalize on Scooter Sharing

  Electric scooters have exploded onto the sidewalks of major metropolis’ worldwide, from Chicago to Austin, to Barcelona, and even New York City. Scooter share programs have been largely dominated by transportation giants. But the scooter-sharing industry is seeing interest from small-businesses in minor municipalities, too. On this episode of Segway’s The Last Mile, Gerri […]

The Last Mile: The Micro-Mobility Revolution

  With transportation one of the largest sources of global warming, humankind must find another way to get from Point A to Point B. Max Rastelli, Owner of HFX e-Scooters joins this episode of Segway’s The Last Mile to discuss the micro-mobility revolution and why this solution to the first mile/last mile problem is here […]

The Electric Scooter Boom in Review with Kevin Christy of Segway

  The people have spoken: electric scooters are in, and though there’s been backlash on sharing programs from major cities, other municipalities are realizing there’s potential value in adjusting to this growing trend: increased commerce, happier citizens, transformative technology. Cities like Austin, TX, aren’t sweeping these scooters off the streets, they’re passing ordinances and working […]