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Has COVID-19 Killed Email?: The Mecca Minute

  You know this COVID-19 scourge has quite obviously changed us forever.  To still get things done everyone using Zoom and Teams to continue their work, school, church, scout meetings, family meetings…I call it Life Continuity.  But something has emerged I’m not so sure everyone has noticed. I know I have, and so have a […]

The Challenges of Remote Work: The Mecca Minute

  Wow!  What a month!  Or should I say four.  Since early December when the first COVID-19 outbreak started in China, we’ve made a lot of strides towards making our workforce able to work from home.  For me it’s been a big challenge. I have a household full of humans that all want to fight […]

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Coronavirus and the Tech Industry: The Mecca Minute

  Today I’d like to talk a little coronavirus and its impact on tech. Tech firms all over the world use international trade events to showcase their products and maybe even in many respects test the market waters to see how products might do in the industry. But this is important to the tech world […]

What in the World is DevOps: The Mecca Minute

In one of my business networks, a C-level exec asked me “what the hell is this DEVOPS thing.” Being from IT I was forced to answer the question in a way that didn’t cause him to glaze over, and I think I did OK. DevOps, for this type audience, is better described in business terms […]

Protecting Yourself Online this Holiday Season

  On this extended holiday episode of The Mecca Minute with Gerry Mecca we explore how to protect your personal information online this holiday season. As shoppers increasingly look to make their purchases online, it becomes even more important to make sure you have the correct protocols and protections in place. As an IT expert, […]

Explaining Robotic Process Automation

  With this edition of the Mecca Minute I’d like to talk a little robotic process automation or RPA. RPA is hyperautomation that takes automating processes to the next level. Like many other subjects I’ve shared in the past, this concept is not new. But the big reason that it has evolved from a dream […]

Digital Data Transformation

Understanding Digital Disruption and Transformation: The Mecca Minute

  Understanding Digital Transformation   Digital transformation is yet another oversimplified set of buzzwords with a very complicated meaning. Digital transformation is most often associated with the conversion of a largely manual processes into a highly efficient and inherently more organized process using data. It can also be applied to streamlining the development of products […]

Business Casual: The Past, Present, and Future of the Internet with Gerry Mecca

  Gerry Mecca, IT expert and host of the Mecca Minute, joined Business Casual to discuss the 50th birthday of the internet. From the early days of dial up modems and chat rooms to IoT and the cloud, no one could have predicted how the internet was going to develop in its first 50 years. Gerry […]

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The Mecca Minute: Explaining the Cloud

  It’s a question that is asked on a regular basis: What is the cloud and how do I use it? On this episode of The Mecca Minute, Gerry Mecca provides an explanation of what the cloud is and how to best utilize it. He also explains the risk involved for companies when they make […]

The Future Promise of IoT: The Mecca Minute

  This episode of the Mecca Minute takes a look at the future promise of IoT. While he may not be a fan of the acronym, Gerry Mecca acknowledges that IoT holds the potential to radically alter our lives. He hones in on the ways that this vast network would be able to improve the […]

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North Texas Food Bank: The Mecca Minute

  This week Gerry Mecca is highlighting an initiative with the North Texas Food Bank. Hunger can be a hidden issue in any community. The NTFB help to raise awareness surrounding the issue of food insecurity for children, families and seniors in hopes others will get involved in the fight against hunger. Mayor LaRosiliere, City […]

Identify Theft Prevention and Multi-Factor Authentication: The Mecca Minute

    Are you confused about identity theft prevention?   If so, you aren’t alone. Over 15 million residents in the US have their identities stolen each year. Clearly this type of crime in America is an epidemic, but what can be done for identity theft prevention? On this edition of The Mecca Minute, host […]

Mecca Minute

Introducing the Mecca Minute with Gerry Mecca

  Tired of the spending 45 minutes listening to a podcast that could have been summed up in one minute? We decided to do something about it. Join MarketScale’s resident software & technology insider Gerry Mecca as he provides relevant industry tips, tricks and trends in under a minute! — Gerry Mecca is currently with […]