The Rugged Edge Survival Guide

How IoT Sensory Data is Shaping New Demands for localized computing, automation, and Intelligence at the Edge.


The Rugged Edge Survival Guide: From the Near Edge to the Far

Premio’s Director of Product Marketing, and resident Edge Tech guru, Dustin Seetoo, once again joined host Daniel Litwin to break down more in-depth coverage of edge computing. And on this episode, Seetoo took Litwin to the ‘near’ and ‘far’ edges of the computing spectrum. Seetoo noted, off the bat, that data generation outside cloud environments […]

The Role of High-Performance Computing at the Rugged Edge

  More industries than ever need real-time data and analytics from the rugged edge, where numerous factors challenge the collection of that data. While more rugged computers and networks were the level-one solution to these needs, single servers and desktops are quickly being outpaced in terms of their usefulness at the edge. To collect the […]

The Benefits Of NVME and NVME-oF For High-Performance Storage

  Over the past five years, a new version of Non-Volatile Memory Express storage protocol has been working to bridge the gap between networks and NVME. This new version is called NVME-oF (Non-Volatile Memory Express – Over Fabrics) and is furthering this technology, which relies on low-latency data paths to create high-performance stored media. In […]

The Rugged Edge Survival Guide: The Technologies Supporting 5G’s Expansion

Many supporting technologies have to come together to help with 5G’s expansion. Data processing units, smart network interface cards and field-programmable gate arrays (known as DPUs, SmartNICs and FPGAs) are three technologies that intersect to create an innovative and flexible solution expanding the reach and use cases of 5G technology. Peter Hsu, a Solutions Architect […]

The Top Essential Hardware Requirements for Edge Computing

No edge computing survival guide is complete without knowing which hardware requirements are most essential for edge computing solutions to handle massive workloads. To provide those top standards on which edge computing professionals can rely, Dustin Seetoo, Director of Product Marketing, and Kenneth Hau, Business Development for Premio, stopped by the Rugged Edge Survival Guide […]

The Rugged Edge Survival Guide: Transformative Industry Trends & Technologies for 2021

Edge computing is shaping intelligence for many corporate enterprises and new businesses. Dustin Seetoo, Product Marketing Director at Premio, broke down all of the necessary info to bring people up to speed on the latest in rugged edge computers and why this technology is a transformative game-changer for 2021. “System integrators and machine learning have […]

What Businesses Need to Leverage Today's Transformative Technology

What Businesses Need to Leverage Today’s Transformative Technology

By now everyone has heard of the cloud. Most businesses even understand how they can use it effectively. But what about other advances? With 5G, LTE and other wireless networks rolling out plus more IoT advances being made nearly daily, businesses will need the power to pull it all together. Simply relying on the cloud […]

Why the Surveillance Tech at the Edge Needs a Rugged NVR

  The need for capable, flexible and resilient NVRs is more apparent than ever. In an October 2019 study, Gartner, Inc. found that outdoor surveillance cameras will most likely be the biggest market for 5G IoT solutions through 2023. On today’s episode of the MarketScale Technology podcast, we’re rejoined by returning contributor Premio, a global […]

The Internal and External Trends of Micro Markets

  Christopher Blomquist, Director of Marketing at Parlevel Systems, and Dustin Seetoo, Director of Product Marketing at Premio, Inc., spoke on this episode of MarketScale’s Food and Beverage Podcast about the emergence of micro markets in the self-service vending machine industry. Technology and the increased desire for healthier choices are two drivers of micro markets. […]

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Industry 4.0 Means High Density IoT. Are We Prepared?

  The world of IoT has been evolving industries for several years now; from manufacturing to retail, data is giving businesses unparalleled decision making capabilities. But are businesses really leveraging IoT to its full potential? To dive deep into the subject, we were joined by Atul Patel, CEO & co-founder of Edyza Inc., an enabler […]

Perfecting Quality Control and Precision in Manufacturing

  We’re in the midst of the fourth industrial revolution, the next wave of innovation in manufacturing. Much of it is tied to technology, allowing for increased automation and, as a result, higher efficiency. One area of manufacturing that is being helped by these increased efficiency, creating positive ripple effects for the entire industry, is […]

How a GPU is Keeping Manufacturing Equipment Operational with Premio, Inc. and DWFritz Automation

  On today’s MarketScale Software & Technology podcast, we’re joined by Calvin Chen, product manager for Premio, Inc., a computing technologies design company, and Laxman Rajagopalan, head of marketing at DWFritz Automation, a 45-year old company that specializes in industrial metrology measurements for precision automation functions. Where do these two radically different companies find common […]