Built Modular: Digital Twin Modeling to Produce More Efficient, Cost-Effective Designs

Manufacturers around the world are searching for ways to lower costs, add efficiency and produce more consistent parts the first time – and digital twins might be the ideal solution. The creation of a digital twin to a real-world part allows for effective digital twin modeling that empowers manufacturers to, in a virtual space, see […]

Built Modular: How School Districts Can Solve Space Issues with Modular Classrooms

Modular buildings have many applications. They can be an excellent temporary solution, including for school districts. Mark Meyers, General Manager of Marketing Services for Vanguard, shared insights from his many years of modular experience on how schools can use portable classrooms. Why do school districts need these solutions? “There are four primary reasons,” Meyers said. […]

Constructing a Modular Building from Start to Finish

A potential Vanguard Modular customer may know they need a modular building but not what the process will entail. When Vanguard constructs a modular building, it runs through these steps in the construction process: design and engineering, permitting, manufacturing, delivery, set, seam and utility connections, power up and turn on water, installation of decks, steps, […]

Built Modular: Creating Winning Relationships Through Cooperative Purchasing

Cooperative purchasing provides seamless purchasing and consistency for the relationship between Vanguard Modular Building Systems and its customers. Chris Brown, an Area Sales Manager at Vanguard, popped by Build Modular to discuss this solution for financing modular projects. “Cooperative purchasing is a procurement system,” Brown said. “It’s where a lead agency advertises for bids, awards […]

Built Modular: Did You Know This About Modular Construction?

A lack of information about today’s modular buildings can lead to a lot of confusion, misconceptions and missed opportunities regarding a sustainable, cost-effective solution. Vanguard Modular’s Senior Vice President of Marketing Services, Mark Meyers, joined the Built Modular podcast to dispel myths and provide answers that people should know when it comes to modular construction. […]

Built Modular: Cost Drivers in Modular Building Systems

An August 2019 report from the commercial construction index showed the modular construction industry doubling its growth over the past five years. Now an $8-billion industry, modular construction is experiencing even more growth with the onset of the pandemic, with the need for health centers to build quick and efficient solutions for emergency treatment facilities […]

Built Modular: Modular Classroom Buildings Customized for the Varying Needs and Size Requirements of Schools

  The saying, “one size does not fit all” certainly applies to today’s school classroom needs, where many factors go into consideration in designing the building. Flexibility, affordability, and ease of construction make modular buildings a perfect fit for schools looking to expand capabilities or just trying to get the ideal classroom size that meets […]

Built Modular: Modular Construction for Temporary Building Needs

Peter Eberle, President & CEO, Vanguard Modular Building Systems, kicked off the first Built Modular episode with his take on the flexible and affordable solutions modular construction brings to temporary and permanent building projects. The nature of prefabricated, modular construction allows for factory assembly without dealing with nature’s elements. This process allows development to happen […]