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Welcome to "Water Solutions," where Chem-Aqua puts 100 years of water treatment knowledge and experience on display. We'll cover the world of water treatment, from custom solutions and energy efficiency, to safety and reliability for boiler, cooling, and process water systems. What can state-of-the-art products and the most experienced staff of water treatment specialists in the industry do for your business? Find out in "Water Solutions."


steam boilers

Neutralizing Amines in Hospital Boilers

In the complex world of hospital maintenance, how do steam boilers stay efficient and compliant amidst the labyrinth of water treatment regulations? The latest episode of the Chem-Aqua podcast “Water Solutions“ explores the role of neutralizing amines in preventing corrosion in hospital steam systems.  This episode highlights not just the science behind these compounds but…

water treatment for boiler scale

The High Cost of Boiler Scale: The Importance of Good Water Treatment

Boiler scale is a significant issue impacting energy efficiency and operational costs in various industries. In a brief segment from Chem-Aqua‘s series “Water Solutions,” some light was shed on the costly consequences of scale deposits in steam boilers. Host Gabrielle Bejarano emphasized the imminence of effective water treatment strategies to mitigate these costs….

AC coil cleaning

Your Dirty AC Coils Could Be Costing You Big Time

Author: ChemAqua In the latest episode of Water Solutions by ChemAqua, a critical aspect of air conditioning maintenance is brought into focus. This discussion sheds light on how overlooked AC coil cleaning can lead to significant costs and efficiency losses. The episode centers on the often-neglected task of cleaning air conditioning coils, which are…

Prepare cooling towers for winter

Prepare Your Cooling Towers for Winter

With winter on the horizon, safeguarding cooling towers against freezing temperatures is not just crucial for maintaining operations—it’s a strategic imperative for businesses. The cost of inaction can be substantial, ranging from operational disruptions to significant repair expenses. Chem-Aqua tells us how to prepare cooling towers for winter and navigate the cooler months without…

Understanding Cycles of Concentration

Cycles of concentration, or often stated as just cycles, is a core concept when controlling boiler or cooling tower water systems. Running cycles too high can lead scale and corrosion. Running cycles too low can lead to wasted water. But what is really meant by the phrase “cycles of concentration?” Basically, it is telling…

Water Solutions: The Importance of Maintaining HVAC Coils

HVAC systems work tirelessly to heat, cool, and clean the air we breathe. But too often, critical components fail to receive regular maintenance, and the consequences are costly. Over time, condenser, evaporator, and air handler coils accumulate dirt, grease, and bacteria from the air and environment. Without proper cleaning, this buildup compromises efficiency and…

Water Solutions: The Main Thing You Need To Know About Your Chiller to Save Time & Money

When it comes to air conditioning, heating, and refrigeration, energy consumption for industrial chillers is at an all time high. Typically chillers can account for over 50% of the electricity used in a single facility. It goes without saying, that an inefficient chiller can be catastrophically wasteful and economically costly to a business, which…