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Welcome to "Water Solutions," where Chem-Aqua puts 100 years of water treatment knowledge and experience on display. We'll cover the world of water treatment, from custom solutions and energy efficiency, to safety and reliability for boiler, cooling, and process water systems. What can state-of-the-art products and the most experienced staff of water treatment specialists in the industry do for your business? Find out in "Water Solutions."


Preparing Your Cooling Tower For Spring Season

  Keeping your cooling tower clean is imperative, but spring brings new challenges. Heavy storms, late winter weather, and airborne materials can wreak havoc on your cooling tower. Tree seed formation is a common issue, and Cottonwood trees being a major instigator. Seed casings and other contaminants can block inlet airways. Call Chem-Aqua Today To […]

Understanding Cycles of Concentration

  Cycles of concentration, or often stated as just cycles, is a core concept when controlling boiler or cooling tower water systems. Running cycles too high can lead scale and corrosion. Running cycles too low can lead to wasted water. But what is really meant by the phrase “cycles of concentration?” Basically, it is telling […]

Water Solutions: The Importance of Maintaining HVAC Coils

  HVAC systems work tirelessly to heat, cool, and clean the air we breathe. But too often, critical components fail to receive regular maintenance, and the consequences are costly. Over time, condenser, evaporator, and air handler coils accumulate dirt, grease, and bacteria from the air and environment. Without proper cleaning, this buildup compromises efficiency and […]

Water Solutions: The Main Thing You Need To Know About Your Chiller to Save Time & Money

  When it comes to air conditioning, heating, and refrigeration, energy consumption for industrial chillers is at an all time high. Typically chillers can account for over 50% of the electricity used in a single facility. It goes without saying, that an inefficient chiller can be catastrophically wasteful and economically costly to a business, which […]

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Water Solutions: Improving the Technology Behind Water Treatment

  Outbreaks of disease are always an intriguing and worrying topic with the public, and the widespread news of some very high profile cases regarding water treatment, both in New York City and Flint, Michigan, have left people concerned about water treatment, Legionnaires disease and the need for stricter laws and better practices concerning water […]

Waterborne Pathogens are Thriving and it’s Because of Green Energy Initiatives with Dominick Tuzzo of Chem-Aqua

  Today’s Building Management podcast explores an interesting cause and effect within the industry. In the last several years, the push for more green water conservation initiatives has created an unexpected issue in home and building water supplies. With conservative toilet flushes, low-flow shower heads, and automatic sinks, water is left sitting in piping for […]

Listen: Protecting the People from Pathogens with Tony Self of Chem-Aqua

  Imagine a building undergoing renovations, needing to shut off some water pipes and therefore leading to a dead leg of piping. Now imagine, once the renovations are completed, that water is flushed right back into the system. You may have just put a pathogen in your entire building’s water supply. When it comes to […]