Video and 3D Animation

From the Florida Keys to Shanghai, China, MarketScale travels anywhere in the world for onsite video based on the needs of our clients and their customers. From case study videos with Fortune 500 companies to 3D animated video from CAD files for mid-market manufacturers, MarketScale is doing its part to help B2B marketers deliver the video their customers are demanding.

By 2018, 79% of all internet traffic will be video. And it’s effective.  Your customers are 85% more likely to buy after watching a video.

Marketers who use video grow revenue 49% faster than those who don’t. And 400% of customers would rather watch a product video than read about it. YouTube alone has over 1 billion users. Nobody helps B2B marketers participate in the video revolution faster, more efficiently, and more ‘on brand’ than MarketScale.

MarketScale video is an experience unlike any other because of our full-service, strategic approach and all-inclusive price structure.

  • Onsite video anywhere in the world
  • 3-4 complete video from each production
  • Three-phase approach including pre-production, production and post-production
  • Creative briefings, script-writing and customer education ensuring a smooth and successful production day
  • Two week turnaround time on B2B video content
  • Professional voice-overs, graphics, animations and more included as we edit the content
  • Cloud based file-sharing and project management tools for collaborative content review and revisions

Product Differentiation

From product demonstrations, to details about the manufacturing process, to explaining features and benefits, good video helps premium brands command a premium.

  • PolyProcessing
    MarketScale is a truly a customer-first business. We recently did a corporate video with MarketScale and we are very pleased with the quality of the final product, the production turnaround time, their attention to detail, cost-effectiveness, and their ability to understand our business and our expectations. We will definitely use MarketScale in the future for videos and other marketing content. I highly recommend MarketScale to any business big or small looking to looking to increase corporate branding using modern video techniques and media. They understand the business of creating meaningful content which gives the customer a greater understanding of the company, its products, and its people.”

Brand Differentiation

Companies facing price-pressure and intense competition looking to differentiate and build a compelling brand.