Todd Langford

CEO Truth Concepts

Todd Langford is the founder and creator of Truth Concepts financial calculators. His love for numbers and desire for integrity in the financial space inspired him to create calculators that would cut the pretense and get straight to the Truth. This technical, straightforward, and earnest thinking sets the tone for much of 'Todd's work. Driven by a desire to understand how all things function, Todd continues to up-level the calculators, as well as his own personal technology, evidenced through his personal solar panel network.

Bachelor of Science, Biology 1989
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The Truth About IULs, with Todd Langford

In today’s show, Todd Langford joins us to dig deeper into Indexed Universal Life. He is the CEO and developer of Truth Concepts financial calculators, better known as a financial Truth Teller. In this valuable conversation, we uncover the fundamental uncertainty of indexed universal life insurance further.

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Truth Concepts

Truth Concepts™ is desktop software that analyzes the impact of various financial choices. It includes over 20 multi-faceted functions – a suite of a sixteen calculators additional tools and tables of historical information (such as tax rates.) Truth Concepts™ lets you evaluate the effectiveness of limitless financial options.

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Financial Fundamentals: Why typical financial planning gets the math wrong with Todd Longford from Truth Concepts

This week Anthony and Cameron welcome Todd Langford, CEO and Founder at Numbers Analytic Inc. and Truth Concepts Software as well as Co-Founder of the Summit for Prosperity Economics Advisors ...

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How to Build Generational Wealth [All You Need to Know]

If building wealth is hard, building generational wealth is even harder. Generational wealth refers to accumulated assets and resources that can be passed down from one generation to the next.

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The Truth Concepts Blog

Welcome to the Truth Concepts Blog. We’re delighted you are here! You’ll find many examples and tips for using Truth Concepts in our posts, along with other helpful information you can use in your business.

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Proving the Power of Savings in the Maximum Potential Calculator

The Currence App is going to be a game changer for clients and advisors alike. Not only does the app teach people how to save first using a financial “reservoir,” it positions advisors as the go-to when a client has reached their target.

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