Aaron Painter

CEO Nametag

Aaron Painter is the CEO of Nametag Inc., the world's first identity verification platform designed to safeguard accounts against impersonators and AI-generated deep fakes. Nametag has become the trusted choice for leading companies seeking to prevent fraud, reduce support costs, and eliminate the frustrations associated with account lockouts and high-value transaction authorizations.

Driven by his personal experiences with online fraud and identity theft, Aaron assembled a team of security experts to create the next generation of account protection. Nametag's mission is to bring authenticity to the internet and enable users to build trusted relationships. Nametag believes that security should be centered around the user, and that user identity, like privacy, is a valuable asset that deserves protection.

Aaron is a global leader, having lived and worked in six countries across four continents. He has authored a best-selling book titled LOYAL, in which he details his key to leadership: fostering a culture of listening. Aaron has codified and implemented this framework of listening in his businesses, which has led to success across the world.

Bachelor of Science - BS in History, Philosophy and Social Studies of Science and Technology
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Aaron Painter - October 3, 2022

KEY POINTS:KEY POINTS: Attacks exploiting multifactor authentication are on the rise. Using MFA fatigue, attackers successfully breached Uber and Okta.

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