Andrew Faulkner

VP of Corporate Marketing Ross Video

With a strong background in semiconductors, augmented by more recent experience in live production and media broadcast, Andrew has a working knowledge of a wide range of products, technologies and markets. Passionate about the role of Marketing and Product Management Andrew is a co-founder and president of the Ottawa Product Management and Marketing Association and co-founder of ProductCamp Ottawa.

Higher National Diploma - Electrical and Electronic Engineering
Master of Business Administration - Management
product-marketing Product Marketing
Product Development
marketing-strategies-1 Marketing Communications

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Andrew Faulkner in discussion...with Stuart Russell on creativity and innovation in the workplace -part 2.

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Andrew faulkner in discussion....with Stuart Russell Part 1

This is part one of a conversation I had with Stuart Russell Head of Marketing at Tellyo, on the subject of Creativity and Innovation. In this part Stuart gives his views on whether creative individuals are a product of nature or nurture. I will post the full version in a few weeks. In the meantime big thanks to Stuart.

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