Anindita Anne Partington

Managing Director & Industry Partnerships U of M Tauber Institute of Global Operations

The future is now. Strong leaders with diverse operations and supply chain backgrounds are critical to company growth, sustainability, and culture. Let's grow our talent together. As the Managing Director and Industry Partnerships lead at Tauber Institute for Global Operations, She oversee the strategic direction and execution of the institute's mission to grow future executive operations and supply chain leaders through multi-disciplinary education, experiential learning, and industry engagement. With over 20 years of experience in global supply chain, purchasing, operations, product development, team and talent development, and program management, she bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the institute and its stakeholders. She is passionate about working across industry, academia, economic development, and other entities to drive strong partnerships. She also a Certified Professional Innovator and have a DFSS Green Belt. She has completed multiple certifications in DEIB leadership and facilitation, public speaking, and leadership training, and really enjoy working with people to solve complex system-level challenges with a sustainability approach. She has a team-first servant-leader approach. She really enjoy working with and building high-performing, highly engaged teams around the world.T

Bachelor's degree, Mechanical Engineering, Certified Professional Innovator
MS, Management of Technology
Global Dimensions of Diversity Certification
image-9 Leadership
image-2023-10-04T231704.952 Supply Chain Management
image-71 Public Speaking
product-innovation Product Innovation
image-1 Strategic Planning
462210-4 Entrepreneurship

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