Optimism in the Face of Disruption: Chatting with Anne Partington on Manufacturing Operations and Decarbonization

July 18, 2023
Ron Stefanski


As we propel ourselves into the mid-decade of the 2020s, the manufacturing operations all over the world are under significant disruption. Technology advancements, the rise of 5G, the pandemic’s influence, and more recently, decarbonization efforts in the fight against climate change have redefined the landscape. As vast capital shifts into the decarbonization movement, it is anticipated that a large percentage of this expenditure will necessitate changes to supply chain operations. But how are industry leaders navigating these waves of change?

In this episode of DisruptED, host Ron Stefanski dives into the world of manufacturing operations with Anne Partington, Managing Director of the Tauber Institute for Global Operations at the University of Michigan. Described as a “force of nature” for her relentless energy and optimistic outlook, Partington uses her engineering and business knowledge to handle and talk about what’s happening with manufacturing operations today.

In their riveting discussion, Ron and Anne delve into:
– The implications of the Decarbonization Summit and how industry and academia need to adapt to the shifting landscape.
– How interdisciplinary connections are pivotal for problem-solving in this disrupted era.
– The importance of public and private partnerships in confronting sizable challenges like global climate change.

Anne Partington brings an impressive repertoire of experience and knowledge to the conversation. Her career began in the automotive world, later transitioning into diverse areas including e-powertrain and health services. She currently oversees at the Tauber Institute, standing above the chaos, leveraging a multidisciplinary approach to managing operations. Her influence in the industry is bolstered by her firm optimism and belief in collaboration as essential tools to confronting global challenges.

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