Aryan Kaushik

Assistant Professor University of Sussex

Dr. Aryan Kaushik is Assistant Professor at University of Sussex, UK. He has been with University College London (UCL), UK, University of Edinburgh, UK, and Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Hong Kong. He has held visiting appointments at Imperial College London, UK, University of Luxembourg, Luxembourg, Athena RC, Greece, and Beihang University, China. He has been a panellist for the UKRI EPSRC Information and Communication Technologies Prioritisation Panel. His research interests are broadly in 6G, wireless communications, signal processing and AI.

Research Fellowship, Electronic and Electrical Engineering 2020-2021
Visiting PhD Researcher, Electrical and Electronic Engineering 2019-2020

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As Congress Seeks Feedback on IoT Adoption, IoT Experts Should Seek Opportunities for Cross-Discipline Collaboration

Aryan Kaushik - October 3, 2023

In August 2023, the National Institute of Standards of Technology (NIST) put out a request for comments on the Preliminary Update from the Internet of Things Federal Working Group (IoTFWG), which aims to provide the nation direction on how to improve IoT adoption and expand its use cases for the future of industrial, corporate, and residential productivity. The working group's objectives encompass exploring how Federal agencies can benefit from IoT, strategies for increasing IoT adoption in key sectors, ensuring the secure use of IoT, especially for critical infrastructure, and enhancing the resilience of Federal systems against IoT-related cyber threats.

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