Ben Elkins

Chief Executive Officer AireBeam

Ben Elkins is CEO of AireBeam (A Boston Omaha Broadband Company), effective June, 2022. AireBeam is broadband company that provides fiber to the home and fixed wireless service to residential and business customers in Pinal and Maricopa counties. The goal is simple, AireBeam to become Arizona's leading rural Fiber to the home provider. Working with city, town and state leadership, along with developers and builders all over the Southwestern United States, AireBeam is very excited about it's future. Leadership, Drive and Honesty are things that Ben brings to the job every day. Experience Executive with extensive knowledge of all aspects of telecommunications and strong management skills. Business Development, strategy, negotiations, P&L responsibility and VOIP networks were attributes learned while Ben lead GP Voice/Voce Telecom as the company’s C.O.O and C.S.O for over 20 years. Winning landmark deals domestically and internationally along with leading teams from across the globe will assist Ben with his newest venture, growing AireBeam! When Ben has some free time, he loves spending time with his beautiful wife Samantha and niece BreAnn. Saturday morning golf and Church on Sunday are both staples in Ben’s life as well.

BA, Communications and Minor in Business Management 1994 - 1997
image-2023-10-10T113638.412 Solution Selling
strayegy-partnership Strategic Partnerships
image-9 Leadership
image-8 Business Development
sales-promotion Sales Operations
sales-promotion Sales Processes

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