Brendan Grant

Cinematographer Freelance

Brendan Grant is a commercial and narrative cinematographer. His work has been featured on major networks including Netflix, Amazon, New York Post, CBC, and NBC to name a few. He is also the author of The Cinematographer's Handbook, and he is the Co-founder of Neuway Media, a boutique video production company based in Los Angeles. He has been freelancing in the film industry full-time since 2016.

Bachelor's in Film and Media Arts 2016
image-13 Cinematography
editing Editing

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The SONU Sleep System - Lifestyle

Brendan Grant - February 18, 2022

The world has been sleeping on flat beds for centuries - but the human body is not flat... It is now time for a change. Introducing the SONU Sleep System.

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THE DOOR HOLDER - A Comedy Short Film (2021)

Brendan Grant - October 31, 2021

A man spends his free time holding doors open for strangers as the people in his life urge him to find a real job.

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