Carlos Rivera

Principal Research Advisor, Security & Privacy Info-Tech Research Group

Carlos Rivera is a Principal Research Advisor in the Security & Privacy practice. Carlos has 25 years of experience in IT and cybersecurity, primarily within the fintech industry. Prior to joining Info-Tech Research Group, Carlos spent 21 years as an information security officer for multi-billion-dollar business units dedicated to money movement in the P2P, B2C, and B2B space. Most recently, throughout his 21-year career with this Fortune 500 fintech, Carlos led global teams of security and network engineers, enterprise architects, risk managers and analysts that provided cybersecurity services to many global financial industry clients, and was responsible for information security governance, cyber risk management, vulnerability management, application security methodology and adoption focusing on shift-left fundamentals such as Static Analysis Security Testing (SAST), Dynamic Analysis Security Testing (DAST), Open Source Security Testing (OSST), and Manual Application Security Testing (MAST).

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