Caroline Cashwell

Digital Media Strategist MarketScale

Caroline has worked in the technology industry for the past nine years, managing sales and marketing operations. Bringing creativity and drive to marketing initiatives is Caroline's forte. During the pandemic, She worked with stakeholders across emerging technologies to build organizational strategies, equipping Caroline with new ideas to help her clients grow their businesses remotely and prepare for the future. As a creative operations veteran, She brings a wealth of experience to her work as a B2B media strategist. She understands how to elevate the creative direction for businesses of all sizes and industries as they grow, evolve, and build. Caroline’s skills and insights will help your company create media that engages and builds community.

BA in Public Relations, Minors in Business and Entrepreneurship
community Community Builder
business-analysis Data Analytics
image-63 Creative Direction
Video Production

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Recent Posts

A Bit About

Parabit Podcast: Modernizing Healthcare Security

MarketScale - June 8, 2022

As trends in the pandemic continue, workplace violence continues to be on the rise. Rob Leiponis, CEO and President of Parabit Systems, and healthcare industry professionals Steven Biscotti, and Kevin Whaley sat down with host Gabrielle Bejarano to discuss the unique and difficult challenge the healthcare industry has to mitigate and manage healthcare security.

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Gossip About Gossip

A Deeper Dive into the HBAR Foundation Sustainability Fund

MarketScale - May 19, 2022

As investors, consumers, and potential employees grow more concerned with sustainability, companies need a way of proving their claims toward helping make a greener world. Host of Gossip About Gossip, Zenobia Godschalk spoke with Wes Geisenberger, Vice President of Sustainability and ESG at The HBAR Foundation to gain insight into how organizations can improve sustainability efforts and transparency.

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Gossip About Gossip

Creating Your Own ESG Assets Using the Open Source Guardian

MarketScale - April 28, 2022

With technology like blockchain and other innovative ideas rapidly entering the marketplace, companies need help building upon these initiatives. Daniel Norkin, co-founder of Envision Blockchain, discussed the solutions that Envision Blockchain offers and the future of the industry.

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How Important Is It for Your Audiovisual Partner to Handle Your Managed Services?

MarketScale - March 23, 2020

When creating or elevating a space, its easy to get lost in the forward-facing, solutions-oriented side of AV installations.Youre concerned with how your integrator is supporting your overall vision for the project, working diligently to ensure the AV solutions they provide create the lasting and impactful experience you want for your customers, employees, or any other party inhabiting the space and getting hands-on with those solutions.

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