Dan Allford

President ARC Specialties

ARC Specialities designs and builds turnkey automated and robotic manufacturing systems

BS, Manufacturing Technology 1981 - 1985
image Engineering
developments New Business Development
image-24-1 Manufacturing
Product Development
marketing-automation Automation
image-1 Strategic Planning

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Recent Posts

Industrial IoT

FANUC's Innovative System of the Year Recipient - Don't Fear the Robot, Thank It!

Brandon Pfluger - May 19, 2023

ARC Specialties, under the leadership of President Dan Allford, continues to make waves in the robotics and automation industry. They recently won of FANUC's Innovative System of the Year Award, further strengthening their reputation as an industry leader.

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Engineering & Construction

Industry 4.0 by 2050

Daniel Litwin - May 3, 2022

Job security is top of mind for workers within the manufacturing space and that concern is growing with the increasingly prevalent AI and IoT technologies that are changing the manufacturing landscape. The fear that robots will take over and annihilate the need for people continues to dominate conversations regarding automating manufacturing processes.

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