Daniel Ferreira

Assistant Chair and Associate Professor of Environmental Science Kennesaw State University

Daniel Ferreira is currently teaching environmental science at Kennesaw State University and have recently been promoted to Assistant Chair of the Department of Ecology, Evolution, and Organismal Biology. Danie teach one to two courses per semester, perform research with my graduate and undergraduate students, and serve on multiple committees including the curriculum and assessment committee, department P&T committee, and the Faculty Senate.

Specialties: He has a strong background in environmental science with a focus on groundwater hydrology and soil chemistry. His work history in the environmental field makes me ideally suited to give students a practical, real-world oriented learning experience. His current research project investigates a potential remediation mechanism for radiocesium contaminated soil in Fukushima Prefecture, Japan.

PhD, Soil Science 2008 - 2012
M.S., Geological Sciences 2006 - 2008
B.S., Environmental and Resource Sciences 1997 - 2001
image-1 Data Analysis
teaching Teaching
editing Editing

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