David M. Richardson

CEO R Squared Group

David was recently named one of the "Top 150 B2B Marketers" to follow by Rubicly, David has been hustling these last 13 years of his career working with great B2B organizations and creative agencies on scaling their businesses through branding, marketing, and sales strategy. David is well versed in the most important initiative for companies, growing sales profit. As a true change agent, hist expertise is with companies that are in a rapid state of growth or are in a state of disruption.

Bachelor of Business - Marketing 2005-2008
Business 2003-2005
growth-charts Growth Planning
brand-foundation Branding Foundation
digital-marketing-1 Digital Marketing
marketing-strategies-1 Traditional Marketing
business-analysis Business Analysis
marketing-automation Marketing Automation

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How to Close the Divide Between Sales and Marketing for Explosive B2B Growth

MarketScale - May 25, 2021

Growth is an important aspect, no matter the industry. As a B2B company, companies need to invest time to grow. For too long, companies have tried to be generalists and appease as many markets as possible. But, often, companies can benefit from going niche and focusing on the things where they excel

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The Balance in B2B Marketing

David Richardson - August 11, 2020

Every marketing department knows the struggle of endless jobs to be done when it comes to marketing. And now, marketing teams have a greater responsibility to connect with their company’s revenue and growth than ever before.

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You're soooooo emotional!

David Richardson - January 16, 2017

You're probably reading that headline and thinking that this will be some political rant or something about gender discrimination. Sorry. That juicy content belongs on Facebook.

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"Questions create the spaces in the brain for solutions to fall in"

David Richardson - December 14, 2016

About a month ago, I was at an event in Vegas and got to hear a great speaker (Bob Moesta) talk about uncovering triggers within the buying process. For reference, a "trigger" is a moment in time that you either start the buying process

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