Donna Bauman

Digital Media Strategist MarketScale

Donna is a unique blend of both analytical and creative mindsets. She can absorb complex data and transform it into articulate messaging for the masses, crisp marketing campaigns, or executive-ready presentations. She has been described as a pleasant, competent coworker and “the person to talk to when you actually want to get things done.

Bachelor of Arts 1996-2000
Content Strategy
image-57-1 Communication
community Community Builder
image-5 Coach

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Recent Posts

OnGuard | Collision Avoidance

May 19, 2022

When Collisions are Not an Option. Common causes of collisions are mis-programming, which happens during the teaching process, and improperly registered parts. Our OnGuard software solution utilizes advanced algorithms that protects automated equipment from collision whether running in auto, being driven manually, or during programming. The solution's unique Proximity Query Capability detects approaching collisions in a simulated environment, ensuring collisions are never programmed in!

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OnRobotics High Volume Automated Painting System

Introducing OnRobotics' fully automated painting system. First of its kind, OnRobotics platform combines efficiency and quality. This High-volume paint system brings together a Graco paint application system and a Fanuc Paint Robot, along with a universal fixture to coat parts from multiple angles for 360 degree coverage. The entire spray solution is controlled from an user-friendly touchscreen interface. Behind-the-scenes, OnRobotics Paint collects actionable data and sends it via the cloud to critical employees. Manufacturers who coat a variety of product offerings can easily swap out parts on the fixture rack and program multiple unique paint paths. Additionally, the system can be calibrated for a number of finishing materials that leave parts with a high-end look and feel. With an automated spray solution, cost-conscious manufacturers can limit over-spray, minimize waste, ensure consistent quality, and increase output while reducing labor costs. OnRobotics is a configurable robotics platform by Concept Systems.

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Automation Experts | Concept Systems Overview

Concept continues to be a leader in automated control systems. As Concept grows and keeps pace with the changing needs of the automation industry, many things stay the same for Concept, specifically how we successfully execute projects and the value we place on long-term relationships. Our proven project methodology ensures that every step is property executed in your detailed automation plan. While the principle focus of Concept is to implement complete control systems projects from beginning to end, a significant segment of our business is in providing engineering support for existing and new customers.

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Careers at Concept Systems

Everyday at Concept Systems is different and unique. We enjoy taking on a variety of challenges that allow our team to showcase their creativity. We lean on each other to create the best possible solution for our customers. We leverage years of experience in different industries to complete tasks as a team. Our company culture supports the growth of all our employees by providing resources that help improve their inventory of skills.

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