Gale Persil

Digital Media Strategist MarketScale

Gale is passionate about using good data and people to drive optimal business operations. As Chief of Staff to C-Suite leaders in large, multi-national organizations, she specialized in developing and optimizing internal processes while leveraging global teams across complex businesses. She’s a leader in portfolio and project management, as well as global and remote leadership using an inclusive and collaborative approach. Her broad background across many corporate functions - including customer support, operations, engineering, product management and marketing – allows her to apply a comprehensive view to any project she takes on.

She loves helping companies work smarter, especially around data collection and consumption.

Currently working on freelance assignments, she’s pleased to join the MarketScale’s Creator Community to help customers build engaged communities by bringing their extensive market knowledge and expertise to life.

image-16 Business Analytics
digital-marketing-1 Digital Marketing
Global Execution
Process Optimization
Business Operations
image-2 Program Management

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Changes to Credit Reporting in the Healthcare Industry

November 18, 2022

The most expensive car ride someone may take in their life is an ambulance ride, which racks up to a whopping average of 1,200 dollars. Most individuals probably cannot or will not pay that bill outright, meaning it will serve as a form of debt to them.

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How I Accidentally Became an Operations Executive

During my career I have worked in many different aspects of building products, moving to new roles for the challenge or because I was recruited. Customer support led me to field support which led me to product management / marketing with a stretch in development thrown in. But Operations? That was different. That happened almost by accident.

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Data for Data’s Sake? Don’t Do It!

I’m passionate about data – but only relevant & believable data. Six Sigma followers know relevant data to be that which causes a new decision to be made or actions to be taken. In business, and especially product development, things can sometimes look black & white. It’s on/it’s off. It works/it doesn’t. We hit the target/we missed, etc.

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