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Greg Crumpton

Vice President Service Logic
career progression
Building Management

Career Progression and Bridging the Educational and Representational Gap in the HVAC Industry

Greg Crumpton - Jan 24, 2023

Over 97% of HVAC technicians in the US are men, while women comprise only 2.6% of the industry.

advocating for skilled trades
Building Management

Advocating for Skilled Trades

Greg Crumpton - Jan 19, 2023

Internationally, skilled trade jobs face various stigmas and poor advocacy. Canadian stigmas around the trade industry parallel similar thoughts in the US.

Building Management

Connecting Tradespeople in the Skilled Trade Industry

Greg Crumpton - Jan 12, 2023

With 650,000 available jobs in the construction industry alone, the skilled trade labor shortage is considered one of the biggest challenges facing the U.S.

early trade training
Building Management

Early Trade Training Through Apprenticeships for Young Students

Greg Crumpton - Jan 10, 2023

So, what does early trade training look like? This episode offers a first-person point of view onadvocating for trades from a fresh trade apprentice.

social media
Building Management

Reaching Commercial HVAC Industry Customers Through Social Media

Greg Crumpton - Jan 5, 2023

When thinking about social media, the HVAC industry might not immediately come to mind, but Insight Partners isnt camera shy. They recognize the need to share best practices and show the latest technology innovations, products, and services happening in the HVAC community.

data center
Building Management

Making Data Center Careers Accessible for Everyone

Greg Crumpton - Dec 30, 2022

Greg Crumpton from Straight Outta Crumpton speaks to many industry leaders, and over the life of his podcast, hes had plenty on the show. But until now, each guest has made no more than one appearance.

improved customer experience
Building Management

Sharing Knowledge in the HVAC Industry for an Improved Customer Experience

Greg Crumpton - Dec 28, 2022

Good communication goes a long way and can often be the backbone for providing an efficient, friendly, and improved customer experience. While strong communication is a vital area for many industries, it is the trade industry that benefits the most from soft skills.

welding industry
Business Services

Shaping the Welding Industry with Critical Education

Greg Crumpton - Dec 21, 2022

Working in a field, such as the welding industry, where you have the responsibility to teach comes with a personal reward. In fact, one of the most rewarding professions is being a teacher.

problem-solving and imagination
Building Management

Problem-Solving and Imagination…the “It” Gene?

Greg Crumpton - Dec 15, 2022

Does your job involve problem-solving and imagination, or is your phone the problem-solver for you? Gone are the days when you had to memorize a name, password, or phone number.

Education Technology

Trades are Looking for Employees: How are Schools Addressing This?

Greg Crumpton - Dec 13, 2022

The pressure to have a college degree is high, but so is the cost. The U.

women in the trucking industry
Business Services

Opportunities for Women in the Trucking Industry

Greg Crumpton - Dec 8, 2022

While women comprise nearly half of Canadas workforce (47%), only three percent ofwomen make up the number of Canadian truck drivers. While the number of womengetting their commercial drivers licenses has increased since 2010, there is a long wayto go to realize the potential of women in the trucking industry.

HVAC industry relationships
Business Services

The Importance of Building Strong HVAC Industry Relationships

Greg Crumpton - Dec 6, 2022

Building relationships is one of Greg Crumptons favorite topics. A close second is airconditioning.

quality employment

Ensuring a Quality Business Environment

Greg Crumpton - Nov 21, 2022

Creating and running a business takes a lot more than an idea and investment. Per Investopedia, one important facet to running a good business involves the type of staff a company has.

construction safety

Providing Safety and Comfort to Construction Workers

Greg Crumpton - Nov 16, 2022

In 2020, the construction industry accounted for 46.1 percent of all fatal falls, slips, and trips, according to the U.