The zinc oxide coating of galvanized steel acts as a critical barrier to protect the underlying steel from corrosion. Although resistant to rusting, durable galvanized steel can still get dirty or stained. To preserve aesthetics, regular cleaning is recommended. However, different filth and/or contaminates require different methods of cleaning, while certain chemicals or processes can ruin the galvanized finish.

With more than 40 galvanizing operations located throughout the U.S. and Canada, AZZ has been committed to developing hot-dip galvanizing processes for more than 60 years.  Their extensive experience and expertise as a leading industry provider make them the preferred partner when it comes to maintaining your galvanized steel. As such, AZZ has compiled a list of tips for cleaning specific stains or debris from galvanized steel.

Whether it’s using a bristle brush or the proper PSI water pressure to remove common dirt and mud, to determining whether water storage stains merit stripping and re-dipping or just a simple ammonia cleaning solution, to which products are best suited to remove contaminants such as permanent marker, oil, grease or spray paint, these tips from AZZ can help ensure galvanized steel looks and performs like brand new for years to come!

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