Driving the 3D Printing Market Forward with Thermosets

There’s been a lot of digital ink spilled on the concept of 3D printing over the last few years, as many are excited about the possibilities the technology has to offer. For the uninitiated, 3D printing is a process for using a digital file to create a functional, three-dimensional object. While manufacturing companies have used the technology in the past, mostly for prototyping, evolving technology is helping to drive 3D printing into the mainstream.

MVP has developed a 3D printer with thermosets that opens the door for engineers to develop and explore new and innovative possibilities. Thermosets are a class of plastics and composites that contain cross-linking polymers designed to eliminate the risk of the product re-melting during applications. Some Thermosets serve as a cost-effective mold that can be printed, and used in ovens and autoclaves. The materials are a low-cost alternative to expensive plastics, such as PEEK. Their fast process speeds make thermosets ideal for rapid printing. Aerospace manufacturers can leverage the technology to not only prototype a concept, but print the tooling necessary to bring the design to life.

Thermoset Large Scale 3D Printing propels the entire 3D printing market forward. The innovation is unique to MVP, an accomplished expert in the Thermosets and composites space. It surpasses current plastics and metals that are expensive to the point of being cost-prohibitive, or do not contain the high-performance capabilities necessary to make them suitable for all-purpose use. MVP’s solution allows for thermoset mixing on a 3D platform with movable Z-axis plates. It features a large area additive space, enables customization, and could be material agnostic so users can experiment with a variety of their preferred materials.

Years of experience developing thermoset application equipment and working on difficult custom projects have helped to create this novel technology. The solution is perfectly designed for engineers who need quick mold-making abilities that allow them to take ideas to market directly after prototyping. It also allows companies to achieve differentiation within competitive markets.

As the premier manufacturer of composite application equipment, MVP is proud to introduce an innovation that advances the emerging 3D printing market. MVP. Customer Focused. Product Driven. Discover more at http://www.mvpind.com/products/.

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