Fall in Love & Stay in Love: Tips to Care for Your Caesarstone Quartz Surface

The surfaces in a home can bring a space to life. In designing or renovating, homeowners need to invest extra time deciding on the best surface material and finish to fit their personalities, lifestyles, habits and personal tastes. These details allow the home dweller to creatively express who they really are.

The design team at Caesarstone shares these values, and in creating new finishes for the Caesarstone quartz collections, are motivated by a desire to capture the essence of the people who will occupy these spaces.

Factoring maintenance into the equation

It’s important to consider the level of care required when choosing which Caesarstone surface is best for your home. In addition to classically beautiful aesthetics, a benefit of the quartz surface is its relative ease of maintenance. At the same time, any home surface must be treated as any other item of value: with smart and loving care. When incorporating quartz into your home, educate yourself about the various cleaning and care methods needed.

Many Caesarstone surfaces simply require a gentle cleaning with a cloth or paper towel dampened with a mild detergent such as Soft Scrub or a 50/50 vinegar and water solution to keep its nonporous and stain-resistant surface healthy and glowing. It’s best to avoid sponges, brushes or harsh cleansers. Also, always work in a gentle circular motion or with light pressure for best result and to preserve your countertop.

Specific Caesarstone surface needs

While Caesarstone is designed to be low maintenance, there are some special precautions to note in choosing and then in living with your particular quartz finish. For example, finishes other than Polished need daily attention. Honed, Concrete and Rough surfaces have some individualized daily and weekly care needs. Due to the nature of any matte surface design, everyday living leaves smudges and smears more readily; thus, it is recommended that common household spills like liquid droplets and rings are dried immediately.

As mentioned, the surface should be cleaned weekly with Soft Scrub Liquid Gel and then thoroughly dried. Learn more about caring for matte finishes on the Caesarstone Care & Maintenance page.

Staying smart

Even though quartz is heat, stain, and scratch resistant, owners should be smart about how they treat their surfaces. Extreme or extended heat can damage a quartz surface. Use hot pads and trivets when possible. In addition, “scratch resistant” does not mean “indestructible,” so be sure to use a cutting board when slicing and dicing, and avoid contact with any sharp instruments that can damage the surface.

What is the effect of oven cleaner on kitchen countertops?

An area of concern for anyone who cooks is greasy countertops. One popular suggestion is to use oven cleaner for these types of messes. The effects of oven cleaner on many kitchen cooking surfaces are positive, offering an effective solution to hard-to-clean grease splatter. The effects of oven cleaner on a quartz kitchen countertop, however, are detrimental. While this degreaser loosens grease deposits, it also can damage quartz surfaces. As with any stone material, the potential effect of oven cleaner is serious damage to the surface, so oven cleaner and other strong chemicals and solvents should be avoided.

There’s a lot to think about in a home design project, and choosing a meaningfully aesthetic surface can be fun and memorable, with end results that honor your individuality for years to come. At Caesarstone, we encourage you to order a sample of our products that you are considering. When you receive your sample, try treating it to a few different scenarios that you may face in your kitchen; spill something on it, touch it with greasy fingers, clean it—live with it. See how the surface responds to the way you interact with it, and then make an informed choice.

It’s easy to fall in love with Caesarstone quartz. We want to help you stay in love.

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