When purchasing a new home or renovating an existing one, a focal point is often the kitchen. The heart of most homes, a kitchen provides sustenance in all forms, and its design or redesign offers an opportunity for creativity to meet utility. The kitchen island is a prime example, and the latest trends in islands are some of the most innovative options leading the architecture and design industry.

Double Kitchen Islands

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Today’s kitchen islands have morphed from a practical cooking space to the center of the home. In response, islands are getting bigger. Some homeowners are even opting for two islands. If space permits, a second island can be an ideal choice for many families. Those who entertain often or regularly cook large meals already realize the advantages dual islands can provide. But for those who don’t use their kitchen as often, the aesthetics of a double island can still be pleasing as well as functional. With the addition of bar stools, an island can be converted to a table for gathering around during meals or social occasions.

Master Closet Islands

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What’s better than a huge closet? A huge closet with an island! Beautifully decorative islands with quartz surfaces are currently trending. The top can serve as a place to fold and prepare laundry to be hung. And by adding drawers, the island transforms into a space saving dresser. With customized drawers, the island can store odd-shaped items such as scarves, shoes and hats.

Custom Storage

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Not only are islands growing in size, they are becoming multi-functional as well. Like the closet island, the kitchen island can also be customized to meet storage needs. Deeper islands may provide enough room for drawers on both sides with open shelves on the ends for cooking utensils. Open cubbies are another option, providing stowage for eye-catching items and/or photographs or cookbooks. A tilt out bin can be useful for sponges or cleaning items, and a rollout bin is ideal for recycling.

And don’t forget those furry members of the family who need a designated space for their food, water, grooming items and toys.

Kitchen Island Color Trends

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Color is always an important factor in kitchen design, and the island is no exception. While the classic all-white kitchen remains popular, layering in some neutral colors, however, can add warmth. Trends today are leaning toward grey, a color that can easily be utilized in a quartz countertop or as a paint finish for the base.

Painted cabinets are also hot this year, and some homeowners are opting to paint the trim of the island base to match the cabinet paint for a unified, yet somewhat subdued color effect. To tie your color motif together, there are various choices in hardware, too. The industrial look is still fashionable, but these cold shiny metals are toning down to matte finishes while decreasing in size as well.

Another nod to the industrial appeal is the grid, which is wildly popular right now. Color-contrasting grid work blended into the base or legs of an island adds a delightful touch to the room’s color theme.

Island Shapes

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In addition to size and color, the shape of an island is also an important factor. The traditional square or rectangle is sure to never go out of style, and their functionality is a huge plus. However, other forms are making a name in the island world.

A small, but well-placed island can work well in some kitchens, especially when adjacent to a curved appliance or open walk space. For those who prefer a rounder feel, an oval can work nicely in a corner spot. Angled islands are tapered to be wider at one end than the other and are ideal for corner spaces. The crescent kitchen island offers multiple adjustable looks as well as multiple purposes.

With a long history and current innovations dictating trends, the kitchen island is not only here to stay—it is also branching into other rooms of the home. Islands have transformed kitchens into today’s family room, and their useful and aesthetically-pleasing versatility make them a fun and practical addition to almost any home.

Like the island, Caesarstone also has a long history with a concentrated focus on innovation. Offering a diversity of inspired collections, Caesarstone is making quartz king. With surfaces that are easily maintained and durable, an island surface from one of our collections can add beauty and functionality to any space. To view some of our splendid quartz surface options, visit Caesarstone’s online gallery today.


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