Since the cogeneration boom in the 90’s, Heat Recovery Steam Generators (HRSGs) are common in plants ranging the industrial and power generation spectrum.[1] Once cutting-edge technology, the design and materials used in their construction are aging rapidly, and the plants where they operate are paying the price. Despite the spike in downtime, inefficiency, and other disruptive maintenance issues, many plants have been slow to adopt the latest maintenance and repair practices in HRSGs. This is likely because many who utilize HSRGs are unaware of the capabilities of a modern, properly equipped system.

Without a proactive maintenance and repair strategy, erosion caused by high temperature conditions and high velocity gas turbulence can result in an unplanned outage, prolonged downtime and loss in the power supply. Adding to the dilemma, finding a partner with a broad spectrum of HRSG experience, from multi-craft, general maintenance, construction and repairs to highly engineered, solution-specific mechanical integrity solutions, can pose a significant and time consuming challenge.

Fortunately, the combined capabilities of AZZ Field Services and AZZ Specialty Welding work in tandem to optimize system performance, reduce outage schedules and maximize uptime. Drawing upon decades of application-specific experience, AZZ Field Services delivers a diverse scope of HRSG construction and maintenance services, from routine to the most sophisticated. AZZ Specialty Welding extends this range of services by providing highly engineered solutions of component life extension, from comprehensive engineering analysis to advanced welding for 9Chrome alloy piping and headers.

AZZ Field Services’ industry-leading HRSG capabilities include:

Multi-craft, general maintenance and support

Efficient and cost effective component repair, replacement and installation:

  • Ducts, liners, access floors, bellows, baffles and dampers
  • SCR/CO components, auxiliary skids, firing systems and monitors
  • Insulation, foundation, structural

Field construction personnel specializing in HRSG systems and difficult repairs

Code qualified repairs supported by sophisticated design-basis engineering

24/7 Emergency Responsiveness and backup resources 

AZZ Specialty Welding’s unique combination of engineering and mechanical integrity offerings consist of:

Comprehensive engineering analysis:

  • Unique numerical predictive analysis using FEA
  • Materials selection for design performance
  • Distortion and stability prediction analysis

Solution-specific mechanical integrity capabilities to reduce outage schedules and maximize uptime:

  • Advanced welding for 9Chrome alloy piping and headers
  • Expertise to stop persistent cracking in turbine and exhaust manifolds
  • Unique options for insitu attemperator repairs

With ASME and NBIC certification in boiler construction, maintenance, and overhauls, AZZ engineers bring their expertise and three decades of experience to the unique challenge at hand. AZZ specialists are prepared for even the most unusual and intense constraints on design, adapting and innovating systems to make a safe and effective solution.


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