Listen: Keene State to offer construction safety degree


One area of immense financial loss across all industries is lost productivity due to injuries and illness. These account for approximately $60 Billion dollars annually. According to OSHA statistics, companies spend up to $170 billion on these areas.
Keene State College in New Hampshire has just announced a construction safety degree program beginning this Fall with an eye towards helping address that challenge. It will be the first program of its kind in the United States and will focus on critical thinking, problem-solving, hazard identification, and regulatory compliance.
There will also be a minor in sustainability for students considering careers in construction or design.
Not only will this increased focus on workplace awareness help improve worker morale, productivity, and of course, safety, it will also help keep worker’s compensation insurance premiums low. This will help overall profitability which should lead to better earnings for the company and its employees.

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