InterDrone is always so much more than new drones. The supplemental technology, whether that’s digital platforms for connecting drone pilots or high-powered attachable lights, can provide just as much (if not more) exciting innovation. On today’s podcast from the InterDrone trade show floor, we spoke with Shaun Macintosh, Solutions Engineer for Propeller Aero, who’s part of a team that’s bringing powerful supplemental technology to drones in the AEC industry. “Our sweet spot is anyone that’s moving dirt,” Macintosh said. Their technology, which improves site-mapping and surveying data by providing fixed & flexible reference points, is something a lot of professionals don’t even realize they need.

“There’s a lot of more archaic survey methods that just haven’t been surpassed. People have a hard time seeing this as a tool and not a toy.” But as he explains, in-depth, improved data analysis is everything but a toy. Macintosh describes the challenges that AEC professionals still face with surveying and site-mapping and how Propeller Aero is aiming to make the data guessing-game in mining, waste management, civil engineering, and other sects within AEC, a thing of the past.

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