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Is efficiency the key to innovation? It is certainly a topic for discussion, especially in the AEC industry. To talk about the connection between efficiency and innovation as well as efficiency and safety, we’re joined by Paul Guth, President of iQ Power Tools, manufacturers of dust collection power tools.

Paul has almost a lifetime of experience in the construction industry, as it was a family business. “We grew up on the job site. We soon learned that we got paid by the job, not the hour. So, this inspired innovation to get the work done faster and more efficiently,” Paul shared.

Paul noted that being more efficient on the job site is never about cutting corners. He said, “We knew that time was money, so the best way to look at it was to determine what was impacting efficiency. There was never any effect on quality. It was more looking at simple things like ensuring the trash pile on a job site was streamlined or having material delivered as close as possible to where it was to be installed.”

This drive for efficiency and innovation became even stronger when Paul and his brother began creating their own tools. “We started with a dry masonry saw that we received a patent for. Because it was dry, it could make cuts much closer to where the material was to be used. But then we ran into the challenge of dust, and that’s how we got into the dust collection business,” Paul said.

There wasn’t anything available to collect the dust, so they fabricated their own. Now they have a focus on solving challenges out in the field through simplification. He added, “Our philosophy is to take a problem and crunch it down to its simplest form, then master the process to solve it, and then become very efficient at it. Often with better efficiency comes better safety as well.”

Learn more about the innovative tools created by iQ Power Tools and how they are helping protect workers by listening to the podcast.

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