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There’s a lot that goes into community safety efforts. From proper city planning to adequate training of emergency response teams, many factors can have a significant impact on the ability of officials to keep their neighborhoods safe. At Presco, we value community safety and are proud to have a role in supporting our fire departments, sheriffs and law enforcement officers across the nation on a daily basis.

A Critical Role

While you may not realize it, anytime you’ve passed an emergency response scene, you’ve probably witnessed Presco safety marking products in action. While an emergency situation is always difficult to respond to, it’s even more challenging when officials are required to work in a public area. For medical emergencies or crime scenes, it’s especially crucial to keep passersby and traffic out of a specific vicinity. In these situations, safety marking tape provides a very clear signal that alternative routes must be taken, and it can even act as a guide to direct people.

The same is true for structural emergencies and situations involving an armed suspect. In these circumstances, keeping the public restricted from the area is critical to their safety, as well as to the effectiveness of the on-scene responders. At Presco, our line of safety marking products are American-made—so when first responders use them, they can be sure that they are using high-quality products that not only hold up to rigorous standards and nature’s elements, but also support American jobs.

No Situation is Unique

From roll flagging to marking whiskers to barricade tape, Presco products are not only competitively priced but are manufactured to exceed industry specifications. For emergency situations, we have specialized barricade tape to fit specific situational needs featuring the color coding standardized by OSHA and ANSI. For instance, we have police tape with customizable markings following the standard yellow-black, yellow-white and blue-white combinations. Or for those in construction zones with dangerous structural hazards, Presco provides yellow and black tape incorporating printed text such as “warning” and “keep out”.

American-Made Means More

Proper markings in emergency zones are crucial to maintaining public safety in high-pressure crises. And at Presco, we understand that the responsibility that accompanies our product is a serious one. While non-American-made tapes may seem like a way to cut costs, the manufacturing criteria of off-shored producers are typically inferior to that of U.S. manufacturers, translating to a less durable product that may cause more hassle and confusion when human lives are at stake. Similarly, these products are not held to OSHA standards, and therefore, could result in fines for the companies that use them. Further, by choosing high-quality American-made products from Presco, you can ensure on-time delivery of life-saving, injury-preventing products that will outperform lower-grade marking tapes outsourced from other countries.

Our goal at Presco is to always be on the scene. We know what it takes to keep a community safe, and we want to be right there helping our law enforcement officers and firefighters get the job done. To learn more about Presco, or to see our impressive line of safety marking products, visit today!


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