Buildings are as diverse as the societies that design them. In the face of climate change, some technical improvements are beginning to migrate their way into new locales and uses.

On today’s podcast, our host spoke with Dana Buntrock, Chair of the University of California’s Center for Japanese Studies and a Professor in the university’s Department of Architecture. She is also the author of two books, including Materials and Meaning in Contemporary Japanese Architecture: Tradition and Today (2010).

The two discussed how geography and climate dictate a society’s architectural tendencies, how the climate is forcing a change to the way we think about (and design) our buildings, the different attitudes towards a building’s ultimate usability when making construction decisions, and our host suggested that maybe he should start shopping for a really good tent.

“When it comes to the environmental challenges that buildings face in certain areas, knowing what the historical responses are is really great. But, also understanding what the new technologies are is helpful, too,” Buntrock said.

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