Complex Products Need Complex Production Lines with John Claman of IntelliFinishing & Kasa Controls


An automatic finishing system would historically be constructed like a Ford model production line system. You would have a monorail based system, and products would hang and move at a certain rate of speed through certain processes until each one finished. Differentiation of products would go by weight, with heavier products together on one sturdier chain line, while lighter products might be somewhere else.

Today’s needs are much more advanced and need to be much more flexible, and the finishing industry is looking for new solutions. It’s hard to give up the chain lines that have worked so well over the last hundred years (many companies are still using the same chain line from 20, 30, even 40 years ago), but new technology is impossible to resist. To help us break down this changing paradigm, we sat down with John Claman, Sales Representative and Marketing Supervisor at IntelliFinishing & Kasa Controls. Claman not only helps us understand the kind of changes that have occurred, but also why they were inevitable and a part of the organic evolution of the industry and its technology.

Claman offers up his company’s IntelliFinishing system as an example; it allows the flexibility to have all of these parts finish on the same system at the same time, arriving together as a kit. The impact this has on productivity, efficiency, and consistency for the finishing industry is tremendous, coming at a time where clients are only growing. On the podcast, Claman and host Elmer Guardado break down the variety of unique automated finishing systems for industrial applications, new coating and curing techniques like infrared, and how to scale your systems as input needs increase.

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