As part of KBIS 2020, this year’s edition of North America’s largest kitchen and bath design trade show, MarketScale called upon a variety of industry leaders to hit the high points of what this influential show brought to the table to begin a new decade.

In this interview, Culinary Director and Executive Chef for Mountain High Appliance Andrew Forlines joined MarketScale’s Daniel Litwin to discuss the role of technology in kitchen design and functionality moving forward.

Litwin and Forlines touched on innovations making the leap from commercial kitchens to consumer spaces, trends in kitchen technology that may not be in it for the long haul, the interconnectivity of consumer electronics and its impact on kitchen design and how Forlines and other industry leaders match technology and innovation with client visions.

“We want to help you and disqualify some of the brands that you probably wouldn’t be interested in, anyway, by asking (targeted questions), but we’re still going to give you an open process of saying, ‘Hey, here’s what you’re telling me, and here’s what I think you’re going to match up well with,’” Forlines said. “That’s really what our job is and why we have to come to one of these conventions to sift through all that.”

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