How Architects Can Help Clients Form their Forever Home

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MarketScale producer Taylor Bagley met up with notable Chicago-area designer Taryn Lund at this year’s Chicago Build Expo. Lund has built a reputation in the custom residential architecture world, working with clients to bring their ideal dream home to life. Through her years of experience she has developed a variety of “compatibility” tests and activities that she assigns her clients. These help her see projects through her clients’ eyes and assess any potential gaps in feasibility or practicality.

More About Taryn Lund

Lund received degrees in Architecture from Ball State University after showing passion for architecture and design dating back to her grade school days. After graduating, Lund began her career and gained experience in design, construction and project management among other disciplines. She currently serves as the Senior Project Manager for BGD&C Custom Homes in the Chicago area.

She is also a credentialed professional after receiving in 2018 the LEED Green Associate credential. Her expertise in green building standards allows her to work and train architects working on LEED projects.


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