Introducing Stacis 4, the next generation in active floor vibration control

July 17, 2023
James Kent


Stacis is the leading floor vibration isolation technology worldwide, with a unique control system and serial architecture. It enables and protects electron and ion beam tools and other highly sensitive instruments from low-frequency vibration down to point three five hertz.

The typical installation of Stacis 4 is as part of a quiet island consisting of isolator legs, a floor module with patented floor sense technology, a clean room compatible, highly damped steel platform, and a proprietary control system with a PC-based user interface.

State-of-the-art metrology instrumentation requires the unique capabilities of Stacis to achieve optimum performance, particularly when requiring stability over long exposure times. A floor moves in six degrees of freedom due to vibration from seismic activity caused by internal and external sources such as human foot traffic, machinery, general instabilities inside a facility, vehicles, trains, and construction outside.

These vibration sources can influence the stability of a precision instrument. An instrument, when configured with TMC’s Stacis isolation, the proprietary technology applies piezo actuators to create an equal and opposite movement that cancels out the floor vibration in six degrees of freedom. The transmissibility curve shows what is achievable with existing leading technology. In comparison, Stasis 4 is far superior, particularly at low frequencies where it is needed most. With up to ninety-six percent reduction at one hertz and ninety-nine-point nine percent reduction at two hertz, the Stacis 4 delivers superior vibration isolation for any application.

Your devices are getting smaller and smaller. Image resolution continues to increase. You need Stasis 4—the pinnacle of piezoelectric active vibration cancellation to meet tomorrow’s technology’s demands.

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