As part of KBIS 2020, this year’s edition of North America’s largest kitchen and bath design trade show, MarketScale called upon a variety of industry leaders to hit the high points of what this influential show brought to the table to begin a new decade.

In this interview, MarketScale’s Daniel Litwin caught up with Remodelers Advantage Inc. Vice President and CMO Mark Harari to leverage his nearly two decades of experience in the construction industry for just that purpose.

Harari is an award-winning marketer, pioneering targeted audience acquisition strategies focused mostly in the construction industry.

Litwin and Harari touched on challenges facing those looking to attack the architecture and design industry with force as 2020 dawns, the difference in marketing in the construction industry for B2B and B2C audiences, and the delicate balance between function and aesthetics when it comes to engaging user experiences on industry websites.

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