The One Thing You Need to Know Before Remodeling a Kitchen or Bath

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Kitchens and bathrooms have long held a public appeal for their innate cleanliness, crispness, and sense of order. But more than that, these spaces are where we live our daily lives. The kitchen, in particular, is often the heartbeat of the home. Kitchens are not just places to cook, they also serve as meeting grounds, communal spaces, offices, entertainment areas, and an overall central hub of a house.

On this episode of the A&D Podcast by MarketScale, we were joined by Claire Zinnecker, founder of Claire Zinnecker Design, to talk about the materials that define a kitchen or bath, and why they’re so important to the longevity of a happy living space.

Zinnecker explained how kitchen and bath design is different from other interior design. Kitchens and bathrooms are defined with “materials, not furniture,” she said. This means that the surfaces we touch in these rooms are both aesthetically pleasing and industrious, able to withstand everyday wear-and-tear like stains, scratches, spills, etc.

She achieves this balance of beauty and brawn with Caesarstone, a manufactured quartz surface that surpasses the competition.

“Caesarstone has created a manufactured product that holds up to everything and it is beautiful and resembles a natural organic material,” Zinnecker said.

For remodeling and redesign projects, Zinnecker empathizes with her clients’ budgets.

“You want to know what you’re choosing and paying for in your home is going to live up to its promise,” Zinnecker said. She stands by the Caesarstone promise, emphasizing its durability for years to come is a worthy investment for a high-traffic home.

Zinnecker demonstrates her expertise as a designer by juggling various budgets, all the while challenging ideas of texture and materials in unexpected places like using Caesarstone as shower walls or dining room tables.

“Anyone can be a designer if they have billions of dollars. But it takes someone… with a really good eye and a really good brain to be able to make decisions to spend and save… where it’s necessary and still come out with a beautiful end product,” she said.

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